Cortina Precision Bullet Flow System

The Cortina Precision Bullet Flow System is designed to expedite bullet tip uniforming for more consistent BC’s bullet to bullet on a progressive press.


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About the Cortina Precision Bullet Flow System

Competition shooters concerned with extreme precision may choose to use a bullet tipping die to uniform the bullet tip for a more consistent BC. Others may use a meplat trimmer. This process is extremely time consuming. The Cortina Precision Bullet Flow System is designed to expedite this process on a Dillon XL-650 or XL-750. Erik Cortina actually has an autodrive which basically allows you to sit back and let the bullets be pointed without touching anything.

From Cortina Precision:

The Bullet Flow System is designed to optimize bullet processing with the Dillon 650 and Dillon750 press. This cutting-edge system takes the reloading experience to a new level by ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow from bullet feeding to extraction.

    1. Precision Bullet Feeder: The Bullet Flow System features a precision bullet feeding mechanism that delivers a continuous supply of bullets to the Dillon 650/750 press. Its reliable feed system allows reloaders to maintain a steady and productive workflow.
    2. Caliber Flexibility: The Bullet Flow System is engineered to handle various bullet calibers with ease. Its adjustable design allows quick and simple caliber changes, catering to the diverse needs of reloaders working on different bullet types.
    3. Seamless Processing: Once the bullets are fed into the Dillon 650/750, the Bullet Flow System ensures seamless and accurate processing.
    4. Effortless Bullet Extraction: After processing is complete, the Bullet Flow System smoothly extracts the finished bullets from the press. The extraction process is gentle yet efficient, safeguarding the integrity of the processed bullets.
    5. Durable Design: The Bullet Flow System has a robust construction and premium materials ensure durability and reliable performance over extended use.

The Bullet Flow System elevates the reloading experience by combining precision, speed, and convenience into a single streamlined solution.  Whether used by ammunition manufacturers or passionate reloaders, this innovative system maximizes productivity, consistency, and quality, making it an indispensable asset in the world of bullet processing.

Included in the kit:

    • 1 caliber specific bullet holder plate
    • 1 feeder die
    • 1 extractor die
    • 1 bullet extractor die funnel
    • 24″ tubing for extractor funnel
    • 1 Mr. Bullet feeder bullet flipper plate
    • 1 adaptor for bullet feeder die and 12″ acrylic tube for manual bullet feeding.

What’s in the Box

The Bullet Flow system comes with a caliber specific bullet holder plate, feeder die, extractor die, bullet extractor die funnel, tubing, Mr. Bullet Feeder bullet flipper plate, bullet feeder die adapter, drop tube couplers (large and small), and primer stop. 

About the Rifle

I’m currently partway through my 7 PRCW F-Class series, having built the rifle, added an EC Tuner V2, and completed bedding and break-in. This rifle is designed for competition with a WOOX Titano, BAT VR action, and Brux barrel. I chambered it in 7 PRCW at Erik’s recommendation, a 6.5 PRC necked up to a 7mm that is all the rage in the F-Class world.

Loading Set-Up

Kyle installed the Bullet Flow System on a spare XL-650, starting with taking apart most of the system.

This isn’t really necessary, all you need to do is block the priming system, but Kyle decided on the XL-650 it would be easier to strip everything down. He installed the bullet shellplate first, which holds the bullets after they are dropped in, added a bit of grease, and checked system functionality.

Installing the 7mm Shellplate
Testing the 7mm Shellplate

He then chose to install the bullet extractor, bullet feeding die and Mr. Bullet Feeder.

Installing the Bullet Feeding Die

He had to make the caliber conversion to .308/7.62 and install the bullet flipper plate included with the Bullet Flow System.

Installing Bullet Flipper on Mr. Bullet Feeder

Last was installing the Hoover bullet tipping die.

We had to call Erik for some advice on this one. Erik suggested crushing the bullet 0.001” at the ogive. Start by having the die touch the shellholder so the internal spring consistently presses the plunger.

Measure the ogive of the bullet and get 0.001” crush using the die. Then back the die off five clicks (0.005” per click).

When you’re finished and start processing bullets, you will be able to tell that the opening on the original bullet is slightly larger than on the tipped bullets. It’s recommended to trim the meplats before tipping, but we didn’t do that.

Pulling the handle is incredibly easy with not nearly the force required for sizing brass. This system worked flawlessly and was incredibly efficient. 


I want to take every opportunity I can to learn and expand my horizons. With 1,000 180 grain Bergers to tip, the Bullet Flow System with the Dillon XL-650 exponentially speeds up the process.

I prefer the priming system on the XL-750, so the Bullet Flow was a perfect use of my spare XL-650.

Get the Gear

Cortina Precision Bullet Flow System

Berger 7mm 180 Grain Hybrid Target Bullets at Creedmoor Sports and Midsouth Shooters Supply

Dillon XL-750 at Creedmoor Sports

Hoover Tipping Die

Double Alpha Academy Mr. Bullet Feeder

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