About KMS Squared

KMS Squared LLC was founded in 2016 by David Stelts. The KMS Squared name is based on David’s children’s initials, and is a family owned business. Their goal is to provide innovative products and top notch customer service. David has been passionate about shooting sports since an early age. When he began reloading, he discovered there were few options available for lighting. Given his nature, he set out to create his own lighting system. As time went on, his friends were asking him to make a light for their presses. As a perfectionist, he was continually improving the designs and it was at this point he came up with the idea for the UFO light for the Hornady Lock-n-Load AP.

The design of the UFO provides light as close to the shell stations as possible. This unique design allows the operator a clear view of the powder levels in the cases which makes it much easier to detect and address potential problems before they result in gun damage, injury or death. Following the success of the original UFO for the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP, KMS expanded this design concept to the Dillon 550 & 650. The UFO 550 and UFO 650 has several advantages over the competition.

Some of the advantages of the UFO lighting system include:

  • Form – Organized design keeps all components out of the way of the function of your press
  • Function – Moves the light out closer to the shell stations
  • Value – Only one light is required per press; Others require one per tool head
  • Peace of mind – All KMS lighting products include a lifetime warranty*

* Warranted against manufacturer defects

All the components are thoroughly tested to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality components.
The folks at KMS individually inspect each and every part prior to packaging. KMS Squared is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

For more information on KMS Squared products check out their website at http://kmssquared.com

About David

David Stelts grew up in Virginia Beach Virginia, living in an area with a large military presence. It was no surprise that at the age of 18 he joined the Army as a Stinger missile gunner (16S). After 4 years, he left the Army and relocated to the Dallas Texas area where he currently resides with his wife and two children.