So why take on the new hobby of reloading? This is a good question to evaluate before you start buying expensive equipment, and allocate space for this new activity. Below are the top reasons to think about reloading. We’ll discuss these topics in more detail elsewhere on this site, but this gives you some things to think about…


Reason 1: Save money on ammunition
Anyone that shoots frequently knows how expensive ammunition can be. Unless you’re shooting .22lr, you are going to spend some good money on ammunition. By reloading your own ammunition, you can cut your overall ammunition costs by a considerable margin! For example: Today, a box of 50 44 magnum cartridgets costs about $32.00, where I can reload a box of 50 44 magnum rounds for about $7.00-8.00. If I shoot once a week, and shoot two boxes per trip, that’s a savings of almost $50.00/week! Granted, if I were shooting 9mm, the savings would be much less, but you get the idea!

Reason 2: Control over dimensions, ballistics, consistency and quality
Reloading your own ammunition opens up all sorts of new possibilities in terms of the type of ammunition you shoot. Do you shoot mostly .38 special rounds in your .357 magnum? Why not load .38 special loads in .357 magnum cases? That way, you won’t get the “crud rings” in your chambers, and streamline your loading process. Are you a rifle shooter that demands the utmost in accuracy, and a specific combination of powder, bullet, and overall cartridge length in order to optimize your long-range performance? If you are reloading your own rifle ammunition, that’s no problem at all! If you want to take things to the extreme for your rifle ammunition, you can sort cases by neck thickness, check and align the concentricity of your bullets, uniform your primer pockets and flash holes, and the list goes on! Limitless possibilities, that’s the fun of it all.

Reason 3: You get to play with gunpowder and fancy equipment
If you like to experiment, and like to fiddle and work with equipment, reloading can be a lot of fun! The more time goes by, the more I seem to enjoy reloading. There are always new things to try, and new things to learn. Every time you get a new gun, you have the opportunity to evaluate new loads, and experiment until you find that “magical combination” tailored to the particular firearm.

There are many more reasons to reload your own ammunition, but I won’t try and cover all of them here. We’ll get into those topics later…