Reloading Safety: Conclusion and Summary

Well, it’s time to sum up the results of the series on reloading safety here on Ultimate Reloader. We started with a high-level look at reloading safety concepts, and then took a deep-dive into the various products available for validating your powder charge.

Here’s a quick set of links for the articles that we’ve covered:

You can’t really put a price on safety, so I hope you take the time to read these articles, and decide which products and practices are best for you. Did I miss anything here? Any good products that you’d like to hear more about or share your experiences with? please take a moment to comment.



3 thoughts on “Reloading Safety: Conclusion and Summary”

  1. Gavin,

    Has any one had success in drilling a hole in the top of the Hornady Lock N Load AP and using the Dillon Powder Check system as is without modifying the powder check it self? I need a way to confirm loads on rifle cases and the Dillon system looks like the only way to do it without having to stare at the rod moving up and down. I’m currently using the RCBS Lock Out for pistol loading and it’s great/super fast, I would rather not take a step backward when I’m doing rifle.

    Thanks in advance for any input or suggestions.

  2. Gavin,
    Fairly new to reloading and was wondering if air quality in your reloading area
    or any reloading room for that matter should be of concern? If you have any
    suggestions regarding this. I’m just getting my area put together with
    everything I need and wanted to know if anyone uses a air filtration system
    of sort while reloading.



  3. I have been reloading for some years now,like my father before me.I have a question about safely reloading 9mm luger.I have lots of imr.700x powder wich I have been using for quite sometime.and have an IMR reloading manual.I load 124 gr. bullets with 4.2 gr. of powder.My question is ,is it safe to use .356 dia. bullets instead of .355 .I have used .356 lead bullets with no problem,and wanted to know if .356 jacketed bullets were safe in 9mm luger.

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