Poll: Zombie Stuff: Yay or Nay?

There’s a HUGE trend of popularity for zombies in popular culture right now. From The Walking Dead series on TV to art festivals/events to shooting products – if you’re into zombies, likely you’ll find an experience or product to entertain your fancy.

I understand movies, shows, and comics featuring zombies, but here’s the question: Do you think zombie stuff marketed towards the shooting public is cool or not?

Zombie Stuff: Cool or not?

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19 thoughts on “Poll: Zombie Stuff: Yay or Nay?”

  1. It’s all in fun, gives somebody something to watch/do/shoot at zombie targets…
    The downside, accidental shootings around Halloween… 😉

  2. Just like everything else, they get to the point where they’ve gone overboard. The green paint schemes and all that were cool, but the Zombie bullets are beyond the pale. It seems to glorify the prospect of having to kill “zombified people” as compared to the more discreet reality that you may have to kill people when the firearm that is presented with normal, non-zombie green bullets.

  3. I would lump the zombie craze with cowboy action shooting as yet another juvenile activity. I don’t know where this started but the gun industry jumped in with both feet. Maybe a break from hyping AR 15 stuff and the 1911 pistol. Hopefully the zombie idiocy will blow over soon. The AR 15 will go on forever. Let the flaming begin with cowboy action shooters fanning their shiny six guns in my direction.

  4. just yesterday at the range the guy next to me was talking about zombie’s he said he would be in heaven, I said my luck I’d be bit the 1st day.

  5. I like the Hornady Zmax bullets in .224, easy to load and look wicked. Hornady could put out colored tips for all kinds of reasons, pink for breast cancer, neon green for zombies, etc.

  6. Like an earlier commented stated…its all good fun. what ever gets people shooting more and enjoying the sport. Sometimes we need to relax a little with the all the topics this sport raises at times and just have some fun.

  7. Yea pretty neat and sometimes funny, Have not bought into paying more for any of it because they slap green on it but it can be intertaining.

  8. the zombie craze is pure fun and hype. both entertaining and a marketing scheme , however its only speculative if a zombie apocalypse could occur. at least we hope that most of our hard earned money goes toward the gun industry. i have neon green furniture on one of my guns just because its different not because everyone else does it. unique would best describe it. no more than a fad that people will tire of like parachute pants, air jordans, and cabbage patch kids.

  9. As a responsible gun owner and shooter, and 2nd amendment proponent, I strongly believe that fantasy and firearms have no common ground. I do tend to think that this zombie cultural phenomena (grouping related fantasies together) is part of a weird culture that has it’s young people going into schools on a regular basis and shooting their classmates. A lot of gun people probably don’t realize the degree to which fans identify and obsess with these characters. Mix in a little mental disorder and it’s a recipe for disaster. Case in point, the Aurora shooter.

    I’m not saying that this is responsible for those actions, but when these products are marketed toward an audience that is also influenced by violent video games, movies, and the rest; a few will go off the deep end. I am disturbed that respected manufacturers like Hornady would have anything to do with it. It needs to end. I don’t want people fantasizing about the Indy 500 when they are driving a car and I don’t want them fantasizing about zombies at the range. I hope this goes away soon.

  10. Hollywood and the online gaming industry promotes this weird and sick culture and the firearms industry should run as fast as they can away from this collaboration of mindless slaughter of imaginary forms and depictions of human dismemberment with the use of high powered firearms. Firearms have a place in our society for sport and enjoyment and the firearms industry should direct their attention to that market area and not some fantasy world where death and destruction are just one button push to reset and running up a higher death score in the next round. I recently viewed a Hollywood movie on NetFlix. Just to see how mindless the movie was I sat through it with a hand counter and clicked it each time someone was shot. 72 individuals supposedly lost their lives. I don’t believe I’ve seen that number of body count in the news media except with a bombing in Iraq so it is very hard to relate to reality, but not to the young generation who sit in front of the TV and kill hundreds of Zombies on Call of Duty, Black Ops. I took my two grandsons to the range the other day and loaded two rounds in my 30-30 rifle. One of the rounds was a supposedly a Zombie round based on its coloration. We fired the two rounds and I took them to the target and asked them to identify the difference. Of course they couldn’t. We are currently in a serious threat from the left about firearms control. We need to get serious and not fly off on a fantasy tangent with weapons and ammunition. Let’s get serious.

  11. hornady zombies 5o grain bullets are nice they are bolt tailed and give a better group than the z

  12. I couldn’t care less about Zombie anything. However, when the fad caught on with the bullet manufacturers and they started coming out with some great Zombie bulk (250+) buys, I loaded up. Plus, anything that gets more people shooting is good for all of us. It’s amazing how some people who were neutral about guns and gun control change have their minds changed radically after they own their first firearm. “They want to take MY gun? NO WAY!”

  13. Our shooting community is always at odds with people who don’t understand our shooting culture. Our love of shooting as a sport and fellowship, in addition to the serious side of ‘Self Defense’ are ‘alien’ ideas to liberal thinkers. The Left will always fall back on their accusations that we are a bunch of ‘wackos’. Let them focus in on our ‘fiction’ of Zombies, (as hilarious as it is to us) and our up-hill battle of ideas just becomes steeper. Remember, liberals have no sense of humor (and they control the media)!

  14. Not interested in the marketing or the concept. But the bulk pack Hornady ammo has given us some affordable ballistic tips. An earlier poster said they could have used other colours. Pink for Breast Cancer, if pink is going to raise money and get the girls involved then great

  15. I like the Hornady Z-Max Ammo, it’s usually a buck or so a box cheaper and it’s the same as their self defense ammo, just with a green plug instead of red. In 9mm.

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