NEW DAA Infra-Red Low Powder Sensor (Hands-On)

Ever run out of powder while loading? The DAA Infra-Red Low Powder Sensor prevents this issue! 


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About the DAA Infra-Red Low Powder Sensor 

While the Double Alpha Academy produces a variety of items, they are especially great at developing niche products that solve specific problems, like their magnetic powder check die. We’ve featured a variety of other DAA products on the channel, including the DAA XL750 case feed plate, XL-750 bullet feed solution and primer handling tools.

This time, we’re taking a look at DAA’s Infra-Red low powder sensor. 

From Double Alpha Academy

The DAA Infra-Red Low Powder Sensor is an efficient, high-tech solution to a problem every reloader has encountered: Making sure to fill that powder hopper in time, before you accidently load empty cases without powder… (don’t feel stupid, we’ve all done it…)

Unlike other solutions on the market, the DAA Infra-Red Low Powder Sensor can be used on all powder hoppers, not just the Dillon hopper. And It allows the user to determine at what level of powder the alarm will be triggered. Simply position the device at the height of your choosing, and when the powder level drops below the bottom of the IR sensors – the alarm will sound.

The Alarm signal is a bright red LED light as well as a loud beeping sound. Impossible to miss even when reloading with hearing protection. The bright red light immediately draws your attention to the problem, so that you can top up  your hopper before the powder level drops lower than you would like. (many precision reloaders are wary about allowing the powder level to drop lower than about 1/3 capacity of the hopper, as when the hopper gets too empty the powder flow changes slightly)

The DAA Infra-Red Low Powder Sensor is powder by a 9v battery (not included) which will power the unit for more than 3 years of normal use. The Unit incorporates a motion sensor, which puts the device into “sleep” mode when the press in not in use, conserving power. It automatically awakens when you start to operate your press, giving you a green light to show the battery is good and the device is monitoring your powder level.

The Sensor is a compact size and contoured to fit snugly onto the side of your powder hopper, without interfering with other dies or accessories on your press. You can position it so it’s facing you – making the alarm LED as visible as possible.

Add the DAA Infra-Red Low Powder Sensor to your powder hopper, and avoid the unfortunate error of running out of powder as you load!


    • Can be mounted to any powder hopper and at the height of your choosing
    • Does not make physical contact with the powder, and no need to remove it when filling the hopper. Avoid spillage.
    • Loud buzzer and bright Red LED offer clear alarm when powder is low
    • Long standby battery life, using a standard 9v battery (not included)
    • Battery indicator Green LED confirms the unit is functional and warns when it’s time to replace the battery
    • Works in all (practical) lighting conditions.
    • Compact, sleek size fits neatly onto the side of  your powder  hopper, without interfering with your other machine accessories.
    • Includes a practical custom made silicone strap for easy mounting.
    • Measures a compact 25x35x103mm. (1×1.3×4 inches). weight just 70 grams.

What’s In the Box

The sensor comes with a strap that feeds through the inside of the sensor to secure it to the side of the powder measure. 

It is powered by a 9V battery (not included) and comes with some printed material. 

Using the Sensor

With the strap secured in the back of the sensor, I slipped the loop over the top of the powder measure, ensuring the LED lights are facing down, not up.

The lights should be at the point on the powder measure you want the low powder alert. I filled the measure with H4350.

While intended for progressive presses, using this sensor on a traditional powder thrower is a great demonstration and opportunity to bring tech to the traditional. I set the measure up to dispense large amounts of powder at once to speed up the experiment. When turned on, the sensor displays a green light and issues a single beep.

When the powder level goes below the sensor level, the sensor beeps continuously, accompanied by a blinking red light.


Infra-Red Sensor Alarm Triggered from Low Powder in Hornady Powder Measure

At first use, this sensor appears to solve a very common problem. While powder checks work, this is an additional precaution, very easy to install, and simple to adjust! 

Get the Gear

Order the Infra-Red Low Powder Sensor directly from Double Alpha Academy!

Hodgdon H4350 powder at Midsouth Shooters Supply

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