Frankford Arsenal X-10 Bullet Feeder: Unboxing, Setup, Loading 9mm

While I’ve done several stories with the Frankford Arsenal X-10 Progressive Press, I decided it was time for Ultimate Reloader’s Kyle Shields to set up the production version, and to add the new bullet feeder!


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About the X-10

There have been several iterations of the X-10 as it progressed from development to publicly available. 

One of the most recent updates, the bullet feed system, was announced at SHOT Show 2023.

I left Kyle to set up the machine for 9mm using our custom mounting plate and Ultimate Reloader bench system. Kyle reported that he followed the manual exactly, which was extremely thorough.

He admitted it took him a little while as he had never set up a progressive from scratch before, but those experienced with progressives can have it together in under an hour. We both appreciated how smooth and simplistic the press is as well as the added features like a covered case feeder which drastically reduced the typical clanking. 

About the Bullet Feeder

Frankford Arsenal’s new pistol bullet collator is designed to speed up the progressive loading process even more.

Collator Box Contents

Bullet feeding requires two parts: the collator itself and a caliber-specific conversion kit. 

Caliber Conversion Kit Box Contents

From Frankford Arsenal:

Increase your X-10 Progressive Press round output by adding the X-10 Pistol Bullet Collator. The collator assembly easily mounts to the X-10 Progressive Press with no additional modifications required. It features an automatic on/off switch and adjustable speed for reliable and consistent bullet feeding. Paired with one of the required Bullet Feed Caliber Conversion Kits (sold separately), the Pistol Bullet Collator feeds bullets for 9mm Luger, .38 Super, .40 S&W, & .45 ACP.

From Frankford Arsenal:

Caliber conversion kits include everything needed to connect the X-10 Bullet Feeder Collator (sold separately) to the X-10 Progressive Reloading Press. Kits include a caliber-specific bullet collator plate, bullet feed and shuttle assembly, and a micrometer adjustable seating die. The bullet feed system is integrated seamlessly into the X-10 Tool Head to feed and seat bullets in the same station.

Installation and Loading

To install the bullet feeder, you first have to remove the tool head and powder measure.

Flip the tool head over, install the bullet shuttle, and replace the tool head.

Bullet Shuttle Installed on X-10 Toolhead

Next comes installing a small piece of plastic that serves as a bullet guide and testing the machine to ensure the bullets fall in the correct orientation without issue.

Rod Mechanism inside of the Bullet Dropper

(Note that there are two droppers—one for longer bullets, one for shorter ones.) Once you achieve this, dial in the seating depth with the included micrometer, which replaces your bullet seating die.

This all-in-one station frees up room for something else, like a powder check.

Keeping with the X-10’s practical simplicity, the bullet feeder is on the same post as the case feeder. They also share a power connection. It also has a lot fewer adjustments and pieces than DAA’s Mr. Bullet Feeder. Only the plate height can be adjusted on the X-10, which has five different positions. Adjusting the screws on the back yields the change.

We used the dropper for longer bullets with the Berry’s 9mm 147 grain round nose bullets. Had we been loading hollow points, we would have used the shorter dropper.

On a side note, we used pre-packaged, pre-processed range brass – which means you never know exactly what you are going to get. In our batch, some primer pockets were crimped, others were not.  We used Hornady One-Shot lube and the swaging die to ease the process.


This extremely smooth press is a pleasure to work with, particularly with the reduced case feed noise. The unique design of the dedicated bullet feed die station frees up room on the press, offering even greater flexibility. The only thing left to add is the powder check station right before the bullet feed! 

Get the Gear

X-10 Progressive Press with Case Feeder from Frankford Arsenal and Midsouth Shooters Supply

X-10 Pistol Bullet Collator from Frankford Arsenal and Midsouth Shooters Supply

X-10 Bullet Feeder Conversion Kit from Frankford Arsenal and Midsouth Shooters Supply

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