Poll: What’s your number one reason for reloading?

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We all have different motivations for reloading, but I want you all to think about what the “biggest” motivation is for you all for reloading your own ammunition. It may be hard to select only one, but please do so. 🙂

What is your number one reason for reloading?

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62 thoughts on “Poll: What’s your number one reason for reloading?”

  1. I reload for the enjoyment of it. I also reload to make light loads for guns that I enjoy shooting but don’t enjoy the punishment. Trail Boss in .44mag and 45-70. Even though I obtained most of my equipment second hand, I can’t say that I’m saving any money.

    1. I collect WW 2 rifles and handguns many are difficult and expensive to find. When ammo can be found ir is often corrosive.

  2. With the recent wave of unconstitutional gun and ammunition laws, reloading provides ultimate assurance that I will never have to go through a licensed ammunition dealer or NR forced to submit to a background check, just to buy cartridges for my firearms. Further, it insulates me from any ammo purchase limitations or new taxes the gun grabbing government government may want to impose.

    1. I originally did it for accuracy and tuned loads, but what you mention is becoming more and more important a reason plus looming taxation, licenses, and fees (California is now and it will spread) are making the economic reasons (cost savings) just as important

  3. I started reloading for the mystique of it, even casting my own lead bullets. I have been reloading the last roughly 25 years or so for the accuracy potential, especially after having a custom .308 built on a Savage M10 FCP. Kudos to Fred, at Sharp Shooter Supply in Delphos, Ohio. https://www.sharpshootersupply.com/ for a blueprinted and trued action, bolt work, custom locking lug, and custom stock. Fred is a long time Savage expert, specializing in Savage customs.

  4. Always wanted to reload-it seemed like a waste to discard and not use brass. 325wsm ammo is limited and it is expensive when you can find it.Hence, I finally started reloading. It has become a very addicting hobby as well as therapeutic. Besides who minds having more accurate ammo ? Also it is very fulfilling making and shooting your own accurate ammo. I was excited like a kid getting a new bike after I shot my first reloads. Gavin’s videos and youtube have made reloading knowledge accessible and convenient-Thanks.

  5. I was always interested in learning about reloading but it was more practical to just buy factory ammo.
    When 325wsm ammo became scarce and showed signs of not surviving, I started. I had two rifles in that caliber and it was nearly $3 a round to shoot. Even quality components to reload are not inexpensive. Great hobby, a bit more involved
    than I originally thought. Things I didn’t expect like proper neck turning, modified cases for bullet seating measurements, annealing for neck tension, properly head spacing cartridges, etc.,etc.,etc. It is addicting and therapeutic all at the same time. Glad I’m reloading, should have done it years ago.

  6. I was into Drag Racing my 57 Chevy and learned to be a winner was to scrutinize all ingredients and stick to the best recipe.
    My number one reason for reloading is that it is one of the ingredients a firearm needs to be consistently the best performer.

  7. While I do like the saving money aspect of reloading I work with over a dozen wildcats and the ammunition just isn’t out there to make them run. With reamers being so cheap doing something unusual is no longer a financial ship wreck and handloading makes it simple and enjoyable..

  8. I save money; buy stuff on Sale; Reload in the winter, try to shoot more to get better; I save enough $ to afford to shoot more! simple. I hunt for food.
    I shoot to make humane 1 shot kills on game animals. I also shoot to protect & exercise my Constitutional Second Amendment Right. Target shooters are my heroes , They fund the bulk of the Pittman-Robertson Act account that assists States in wildlife habitat improvements and Range construction.

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