Poll: What Progressive Reloading Press Do You Use Most?

I would love to find out more about what equipment people are using for metallic cartridge reloading. Please pick the press that you use most frequently.

Which of the following presses do you use most?

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If your most used press is not listed here, please leave a comment!


80 thoughts on “Poll: What Progressive Reloading Press Do You Use Most?”

  1. My father bought Tri-Standard from Joe Dircks in the 60’s.
    I have a lot of loading machines available or can help you with any questions you may have.

  2. Gavin,
    I have used a Spolar Gold for 10 years. Reloading rate easily keeps up with my sporting clays consumption.

    Put roll crimp loads on you list of shotshell things to explore. The technique is use full for producing spreader loads. Done correctly the technique results in really unique sharp looking loads.

  3. I started with Lee Classic several years ago and loaded a ton with Lee dies. I eventually switched to Hornady L&L but could ever get it to run smoothly. A few cases would get rushed every session. After several calls to Hornady and much adjustments of the pawls, I gave up and called Dillon. I now use the XL650 exclusively. I still use the Lee for depriming and some single stage rifle loading. I recommend the Lee to everyone as a first press, no matter how much $$ you have to spend. It is a great press and will serve you well.

  4. I have been using the RCBS Pro 2000 with auto index. Just pulled the plug on the Pro Chucker 7 and can’t wait to get it and get it set up. I love the simplicity of the Pro 2000 and have loaded countless. 45acp and 9mm. The Pro 2000 will stay on my bench and I will set it up to do 380auto exclusively to keep my in-laws happy! I have used the Dillon xl650, but the Pro 2000 was the right fit for me.

  5. Seeing as I am just getting here in 2018 I put my vote in for the Dillon 550B but times have changed and I’m really using a 550C.

  6. Just wondering if you have had a chance to look at the new lee auto breech lock pro yet (it looks interesting). And if so, what are your thoughts?

  7. I selected the Hornady L-N-L AP. The Dillons are top notch machines for sure. But I prefer the L-N-L to the Tool Head solution. It’s much more flexible and way cheaper. Mine runs perfect!! Not really sure why some struggle so much with them. I also agree with you Gavin, on the primer feed design. Nobody likes primer explosions.

  8. I bought my first Dillon 1050 when it cost $500. My Super 1050 cost me under $800. I wouldn’t be without either press, but I would never pay the $1800 asking price that Dillon wants for their press these days.

  9. out of the 10 presses i have i find the Lyman all american the most relaxing to use
    i have
    1 Lyman all American
    2 Dillon 650 xl’s
    2 lee pro 1000’s
    2 lee single stage
    1 RCBS rockchucker
    1 Mec 12 gauge press
    1 Mec 20 gauge press
    1 LYMAN 450 sizing press

  10. I use two old Lee Pro-1000s for pistol. I resize and de-prime progressively and then hand prime. This eliminates the one really poor aspect of the Pro-1000 which is the priming. Then loading progressively goes quite smoothly for these old machines which have loaded many tens of thousands of rounds of .45 acp, .40 S&W, 9mm, .380, .357 and .38 SPL.

  11. I started out with a Lyman True-Line Jr about 60 years ago loading 30-30’s. I progressed up through several others until I got a Dillon 650 XL and I love it. I now load about 20 or so different calibers. Happy shooting folks.

  12. I use a Dillon XL650 for pumping out pistol. I use a Hornady Lock N Load AP for pumping out Rifle. I use a RCBS Rock Chucker, and the Wilson Seaters with an arbor press for my Long Range precision rounds.

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