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Ultimate Reloader (ULTIMATE RELOADER LLC) is all about providing the best information available pertaining to ammunition reloading, ammunition reloading presses and equipment, ballistics, load development, shooting, gunsmithing, optics, and guns in general. I started Ultimate Reloader because I agonized for literally months when I was trying to figure out which reloading press to buy. The complexities of this machinery, various brand-specific trade-offs, and the fact that you “buy into a system” led me to a great deal of online research before deciding on a press. During that reloading press research (in 2007) I noticed there weren’t many quality videos showing these presses in detail and explaining the various pros/cons of each. In late 2007 Ultimate Reloader was born. I really enjoyed sharing hands-on technical content, and felt satisfaction knowing that I was helping others with their purchasing decisions.

Here are Ultimate Reloader, we are Pro 2nd Amendment, Pro Law Enforcement, and Pro Military. Thank you everyone for your service to our country and our communities.

About Gavin

My name is Gavin Gear, and I am the owner here at Ultimate Reloader! Since a very early age I have been fascinated with machines, tools, and firearms. In 2000, I graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and have also worked in the Software Industry. I also enjoy writing, technical illustration, photography, video/audio, motorcycling (namely offroad and dualsport/adventure), hiking, bicycling, anything diesel, heavy equipment, and farm/ranch lifestyle. You can find me on LinkedIn HERE.

Thanks for visiting Ultimate Reloader!

Gavin Gear


How Ultimate Reloader Partnerships Work

From time to time I’m asked how I get access to all of the equipment, firearms, and components that I show in the videos and blog posts that I publish here on and the Ultimate Reloader YouTube Channel. There are a variety of ways that I get access to goods that are shown on Ultimate Reloader including purchasing the items myself, getting access to loaner goods (including pre-production prototypes), receiving loaner goods for review, and advertising/engineering/marketing partnerships. It’s impossible to do what I do without close shooting industry partnerships, and I’ll do my best to explain how these partnerships work here in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

Full Partnerships

I work very close with my full partners to bring great stories about their products to a large audience, to help improve their products, and to assist with product launches and related activities. I receive some or all of the following from full partners: cash in exchange for ads that appear on, products for review and use, early access to prototype hardware/consumables, access to partner engineering teams (to assist in co-engineering and testing), knowledge sharing, product discounts, and co-promotion (can include Ultimate Reloader content being embedded in or linked to from partner websites and related social media tools).

Limited Partnerships

Some of my industry partnerships are a sub-set of what I call “full partnerships”. These limited partnerships could include cash in exchange for ads that appear on, limited co-promotion, equipment/goods sponsorship, or other partnership details covered in the “full partnerships” section above.

Inactive Partnerships

If a partner is not active, I continue to host content created with that inactive partner. I am committed to preserving the work that I do with partners for the ongoing benefit of both those partners and the Ultimate Reloader community.

If you are interested in partnering with Ultimate Reloader, please reach out to me on LinkedIn!

Ultimate Reloader Code of Ethics

I am committed to bringing informative and truthful stories to the viewers and readers of Ultimate Reloader. Every product that I review or show has upsides and downsides (call it pros and cons) – and I am committed to fair and balanced content that shows both the strengths and weaknesses of the products that I feature. I make it clear with all of my partners that I preserve “freedom of speech” to air my own opinions related to the products I use and show on Ultimate Reloader. In some cases I will work with a partner to solve a product defect prior to publishing related content (giving the partner and opportunity to resolve the issue prior to publishing related content). In all cases I am committed to accurate factual representation of the goods and gear that I highlight on this blog, and on my other channels (see channel list at the top of this page).

I don’t “trash” anything on my channel, instead focusing on constructive analysis coming from me (and engineer that loves to share) to you. I do not censor comments on my blog as long as these comments are respectful and constructive. Disrespect is not tolerated on Ultimate Reloader under any circumstances. You are free to disagree with me and your comments will show up on this blog and on YouTube as long as you are respectful and refrain from profanity or other negative language.

Ultimate Reloader Code of Conduct

I know these guidelines aren’t needed for 99.999% of the folks that visit this site, but I have to state these guidelines because people behave badly online from time to time. My guidelines for this website and my YouTube Channel are simple. I expect you to treat others how you would like to be treated, and to keep things “productive” (that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun here).

The following behaviors will not be permitted in any way, shape or form:

  • Disrespect
  • Profanity (enforced at my discretion)
  • Putting anyone down or insulting them
  • Harassing or bullying anyone at any time
  • Leaving disparaging or degrading remarks targeting someone based on their age, race, religion, nationality, sex, or sexual orientation

When I come across this kind of behavior I block the corresponding user(s)/profiles. There’s no need for this kind of behavior here.

To be clear, the following are allowed:

  • Disagreeing with myself or others (as long as you aren’t insulting and keep things productive)
  • Pointing out concerns
  • Having fun, poking fun without being mean (yes, some times there’s a fine line, this is at my sole discretion)

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