Poll: What Reloading Components Can’t You Find?

Seasoned ammunition reloaders are used to shortages, but every shortage looks a bit different. Reloading component shortages are influenced by f political climate, tragedies, military and government component buys, and many other factors. So I’m wondering- what are you all having trouble finding at this time?

Reloading Components: What are you having trouble finding?

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Hoping you all can find what you need to load what you want to shoot!


25 thoughts on “Poll: What Reloading Components Can’t You Find?”

  1. Can find, primers, bullets, cases but finding most powders other than US 869, 7828 and the like, when I want them is tough. H110, cfe223 and so on are very hard to find.

  2. I haven’t been able to get any magnum pistol powder for about 18 months. Powder Valley will occasionally have some, but you have to generate an order as soon as they put it on their website.

    1. Yeah…and I’m sure you are like me or the rest of us…can’t live on the internet just waiting for a “In Stock Notice”….I don’t have an answer beyond smacking hoarders across the chops. I suspect then we wouldn’t need pistol powder since we’d be in jail.

    1. For almost a year I’ve tried to get Bullseye Pistol Powder. I’ve used it in competition in every pistol I own and it works great. Midway; Cabala’s; Wideners; Mid WEST shooter’s Supply; and 3 local stores all advertise it, but it is like Alliant never has it available. I’m on “want lists” but that doesn’t work either, no matter what or when customer service says it will be in stock. This has to cramp competitors. I need 8#, NOT 8-1# cans. I understand Hornady is using it in some of their ammo. Saw a Reference to: “BE86” in a Hornady ad. Anyone got an answer or should I just keep “growing old and praying”?? Thanks, Brent M.

  3. I have been having trouble finding Pistol Powder and some Rifle powders. W231, Varget, BL-C2, and this has been the problem for a long time. I don’t know what the problem is, maybe hoarding or the manufactures are just over whelmed by this administration trying to control the flow because of their edicts. When some of the suppliers get an order in and post it, its gone before you can get on the site. But, we will survive and one day everything will be back to normal, I hope.

    1. Simple hoarding is the issue…..that and those that are still in the ripoff business of buying everything possible and reselling at gunshows…internet..etc. Last night I received an instock notice for 22 LR ammo…..it was gone had to be in minutes…this is total B.S. I tell ya….but it isn’t the governement…it’s shooters we rub shoulders with…the hoarding kind that is. Which causes people like you and I to sometimes panic buy. Christ…I’ve witness people buying ammo just because it was there and for no other reason…or powder…and they’d tell you as much…just buying because I might need it someday. True statement.

      I am way overburdened buying gun parts/guns/receivers/etc…I should buy another 10,000 small pistol primers and probably will…after I finish the three rifle builds I’m into at the moment. Does that make me a panic buyer?

  4. Here in the Pacific Northwest, if you reload the so-called “tactical” calibers, there is a wealth of components all over the place.

    For the rest of us who do not buy into the “tactical” marketing BS, are not preparing for Dooms Day, and are not inclined to become “make believe soldiers” (the majority of us having killed and been shot at while working for Uncle Sam in WW2, Korea or ‘Nam’), there is a significant dearth of components, most especially brass, that used to be reasonably, often readily, available (think .257 Rem/Rbts, .25-06, .348 Winchester, .358 Winchester, .35 Remington, .220 Swift, etc.).

    It’s a fact that it’s the tactical manufacturers’-retailers’ 85% market share that drives this engine. The moral of the story is: If you ain’t tactical, you ain’t s—!

    All the best.

    1. And I ask the manufactures what they control. There product the loaded ammo are on the shelves except for rim fire ammo? It seems like they want to steer sales to purchasing there loaded ammo at a higher cost & limiting the hand loading components? Could this be happening?

  5. I was expecting more detailed categories – I checked powder but in fact I have ample stocks of midrange and slow powder (and primers) including some reported hard to find such as RL15 that I maybe over paid for. Still I have RL15 and H4895 and Varget (paid top dollar and lots of shipping) and Tac and significant overlap really to keep the rifles going. What I don’t have and don’t see – I don’t even miss out by minutes or hours I just don’t see offered for sale – are popular high volume handgun and shotgun powders. I do see niche handgun and shotgun powders like 296/H110 but I don’t see gallery pistol and trap or skeet load shotgun powders.

    I see pricey brass – Lapua and Nosler and such readily available in the market place. I don’t see seasonal run and less popular brass generally available with some cartridges that I haven’t seen offered for years and don’t expect to see for months or years to come. Other borderline cartridges like the .220 Swift or the .460 Rowland have been offered rarely as I suppose a true seasonal run and offered buy now or wait for next year.

  6. Pistol Powder…although I did find a distributer last night that has/had “Power Pistol”…just didn’t have the spare $300.00 to order in a years supply.

  7. Although I’m fairly well stocked for the moment and can find most of what I need, I’m spending a lot more time hunting down stuff than I used to. Also, even though shooting sports supply is going up and prices are dropping, especially for ammo, AR/AK magazines, guns and gear, the reloader’s prices are not coming down, or they are still increasing.

    I suspect that when ammo prices skyrocketed, if you were lucky enough to find anything for sale, that a whole lot of people started reloading for the very first time and gobbled up components like there was no tomorrow. Used to be, I found all the brass I needed lying on the ground at the range I belong to. But for the past few years, the Brass Fairy hasn’t left me hardly anything. Today, if you want pick-up brass, you have to catch it before it hits the ground, or at least before it cools off. Otherwise, someone else will.

  8. Yup…..PISTOL powder is about as rare as a pregnant unicorn; IMPOSSIBLE to find. My LGS just laughs when I ask if they have any…

  9. Titegroup. 8208 XBR.

    they are rarer than four leaf clovers. I found a one pound can of each once, and never again. I really wish I’d looked at that before dumping all the money on my reloading setup this year. Bought that first, didn’t realize how hard pistol powder would be to find. Rifle as well.

    I dont do gun show hunting, so I have to find it online/at a retailer so that’s pretty hard to do. Gunbot so far hasn’t helped, and before i can get my order entered the few times I did it was gone before I completed typing in my credit card.

  10. Can’t seem to find a place to ask this question, so I will try here. Where can I find the bracket for the front mounted bin mounted on the Hornady Lock-N-Load.

  11. Right now, it’s shotgun powder. Rifle powder is plentiful, though (4831 and the like, for large cased rounds). Worst seems to be with Hodgdon and Accurate. Both have supposedly had fires in the past few years, but that’s wearing thin.

    Secondly is primers, and bullets (Berry) are just getting back in the groove.

  12. I was having a terrible time finding primers and powder. Now I’m finding primers but the powders I’m looking for aren’t available.

    I keep hearing “We had some yesterday…”

    I’m forced to do some research and use powders I’m not familiar with.
    -Which actually isn’t really that bad of a situation.

  13. I don’t have a problem finding a powder that works. I just can’t find certain specific powders sometimes. For example, I can usually find Alliant Bullseye and Power Pistol with no problem. Hodgdon H4350, on the other hand has been a no-go for me for the last year or two no matter where I look. Alliant RL-17 was easy to find but is becoming more difficult to come across. IMR 4350 is pretty easy to find. It just depends. For the record, I have 2 Bass Pro Shops in my area along with a Cabela’s and several Field & Stream stores. I also have a fantastic gun store that caters to reloaders in a huge way (10Ring… https://www.10ring.com/) but I have not seen H4350 there either.

  14. Just found and ordered 8# jug of H4350 from Recob’s Target Shop. They have both store front and online sales. Not having done business with them before, I called their 800 number and got a real human on the first ring. He verified they had just received a shipment yesterday – got 30 of 80 jugs they had ordered. I wanted to be sure before clicking the submit order button. The order was quickly processed and I had a UPS tracking number within two hours. Their pricing was competitive.

  15. SPP’s and some powders are hard to find locally and online. Manufacturers are trying to make things as fast as they can but the real problem is EVERYONE is hoarding supplies. Above and beyond what they need right now. The reloading and firearms family need to help each other out but It sure seems like every man for him/herself. But Hoarding supplies is just not right. Recently I put out some feelers on a forum that I was in need to some small pistol primers. 500-1000 qty would work for me at this time. Anyway, I did get a reply but the person wanted damn near 3 times the retail cost! I understand supply and demand but attempting to screw over a fellow reloaded/hobbies is bullshit. We have lost our way to helping others. Paying it forward comes at a triple cost these days. Sad

  16. In east Tennessee I am having trouble finding small rifle primers especially 7 and half bench rest primers. Midway has been out for months. Wonder why primers are so hard to find? Does anybody have any suggestions where i might find some?

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