InLine Fabrication is a family owned business based out of Eugene, Oregon. Starting up in mid 2010, InLine was born from the owners desire to make the reloading bench organized, professional, and more comfortable. The results ultimately made reloading a more enjoyable experience. 

The first products developed were InLine’s LED lighting systems all of which illuminate the inside frame of the various reloading presses.

Above: Inline Fabrication Skylight Press Lighting System

Next came ergonomic press roller levers where each custom lever allows users longer reloading sessions with less stress on the body. The dedicated press riser mounts followed giving consumers the option to elevate their work surface. Other accessories such as articulating organizational items, bin mounts, and output systems were soon added to the product line for further reloading bench customization and improved user output. 

Above: Inline Fabrication Ergonomic Press Handle

Soon thereafter, a concept to maximize the reloading bench space was introduced. InLine’s Quick Change System gives reloaders the ability to utilize multiple presses and other task items while quickly interchange them on one Ultramount leg set. Quick Change evolved even further with the addition of the Flush Mount Quick Change base where valuable flat, unobstructed benchtop space can be recovered in a matter of seconds. Now reloading, sorting brass, weapon maintenance, and cleaning can all be done in the same space after removing your reloading press from the bench. 

Above Pictures: Inline Fabrication Standard Ultramount

The InLine Fabrication Ultramount bases come in 4 different heights: flat to bench (the flush mount); 4” tall micro; 7 1/2” tall junior; and the 9 3/4” tall standard height. All of these options are available in the “dedicated” style where the operator mounts the press to the base permanently or the “quick change” style where the press or other accessory is bolted to a removable sub plate. To further explain InLine’s Quick Change System it is a tool free attach/detach system where the top plates (mounted to your press or accessory) detach from the base in about 20 seconds. Each top plate (along with your press or accessory) can then be stored on the wall out of the way on a convenient InLine Quick Change Storage Dock. Currently we have over 320 different Quick Change template patterns in our archives that fit all current and past reloading equipment from RCBS, MEC, Lyman, Hornady, Dillon, LEE, Redding, Forster, as well as other accessory equipment. Other miscellaneous types of items can be barrel vises, archery vises, case trimmers, bicycle wheel truing stands, concentricity gauges vises, grinders, cut off saws and much, much more! 

At InLine Fabrication we pride ourselves with providing precision, high quality performance equipment to the reloading community. All of our products are made here in the USA with precise attention to detail and optimal performance. Reloading shouldn’t be a dreaded uncomfortable task…reloading should be enjoyable! Let us assist you by enjoying longer, more comfortable, organized, and productive reloading sessions! 

Questions? Call us: 541-246-4691 

Our best, Dan, Jenn and the InLine Fab crew

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