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Built American Equipment: Crafting Excellence with American Spirit

At Built American Equipment, our core philosophy revolves around a commitment to American-made quality and value. We are not just manufacturers; we are the bearers of the American tradition of innovation and craftsmanship and are dedicated to our mission of “Quality Craftsmanship, Affordable Excellence.” This reflects our dedication to balancing superior quality with competitive pricing in everything we create.

What We Offer

Explore our diverse range of equipment, designed to cater to the varied demands of industries. Our specialty lies in Powder Coating Ovens, Cerakote Ovens, Spray Booths, and a comprehensive selection of Accessories. Each product is a result of our dedication to innovation, engineered to provide unmatched performance and ensure the best value for your investment. Join us in experiencing the difference that comes with choosing Built American Equipment, where excellence is not just a standard, but a tradition.

Cerakote Ovens 

Our Cerakote Ovens category at Built American Equipment are the first curing ovens designed specifically for Cerakote applicators. They have been curated for professionals and enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of finish and durability for their projects. Embracing the spirit of American innovation, these units are designed to deliver exceptional quality. Ideal for both small-scale and commercial operations, our Cerakote ovens come with the promise of durability, precision, and superior performance, embodying our commitment to “Quality Craftsmanship, Affordable Excellence.”

Here are some products from Built American that are great for Cerakote:

BAE-0100 Desktop Capacity Cerakote Convection Oven

  • Size: 37” x 35” x 43.5”
  • Features: The BAE-0100 offers a compact, desktop solution without compromising on the quality of curing. Perfect for smaller projects or spaces, this convection oven ensures an even and efficient cure, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

BAE-0200 Standup Capacity Cerakote Convection Oven

  • Size: 37” x 35” x 64”
  • Features: With a larger capacity, the BAE-0200 caters to those requiring more space for larger or multiple items. This standup convection oven combines space efficiency with the unparalleled quality of curing, suitable for more extensive operations or those looking to expand their capabilities.

Spray Booths:

Our Spray Booths category at Built American Equipment stands out for its exceptional design and functionality. Created with the ethos of American manufacturing excellence, these spray booths are tailored to support a wide range of applications. Offering a blend of innovation and practicality, our spray booths ensure a clean, safe, and efficient environment for applying coatings, embodying our dedication to “Quality Craftsmanship, Affordable Excellence.”


  • Size: 37” x 32” x 55”
  • Features: This compact model is perfect for smaller projects, providing an efficient and clean environment for spraying. It’s designed for users who require quality and functionality in a smaller footprint.


  • Size: 69” x 32” x 55”
  • Features: Offering more space, the DSBE-1000 is suitable for larger projects or multiple smaller items, ensuring efficiency and cleanliness in the spraying process.


  • Size: 37” x 32” x 81.5”
  • Features: With increased height, this booth accommodates taller items, providing versatility without sacrificing the quality of your finish.

DSBE-1500 (as seen on Ultimate Reloader)

  • Size: 69” x 32” x 81.5”
  • Features: This larger version combines additional height and width for those requiring more space, making it ideal for a wide range of projects.


  • Size: 37” x 64” x 55”
  • Features: Designed for wider items, the SSBE-2000 offers ample space in a compact design, ensuring every project receives a professional finish.


  • Size: 69” x 64” x 55”
  • Features: This model provides even more space, perfect for handling large or multiple items simultaneously, maximizing efficiency and output.


  • Size: 37” x 64” x 81.5”
  • Features: For projects that require both vertical and compact space, the SSBE-3000 offers an ideal solution without compromising on quality or efficiency.


  • Size: 69” x 64” x 81.5”
  • Features: As the largest model, the DSBE-3000 is the epitome of space and functionality, designed for the most demanding projects, ensuring top-notch results.
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