Hands On: Mark 7 AutoDrive for the Dillon RL1100

We’ve spent lots of time highlighting the Apex 10 Autodrive and the numerous sensors available for it. This time, we’re bringing the Autodrive technology to another favorite—the Dillon RL1100!



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About the Mark 7 Autodrive

Mark 7’s Autodrive technology is now for the Dillon RL1100, CP-2000, and Dillon RL/Super 1050!

From Mark 7:

Tired of pulling on the handle of your press over and over and over? The Mark 7 Autodrive will fully automate your Dillon RL/Super 1050, CP 2000 and RL 1100 manual presses for speed, efficiency and performance. The Autodrive is packed with features that make it the most advanced system ever designed. The patented digital drive system is computer operated allowing you to fully control the speed, torque, and dwell of the press with a simple to use high definition tablet.

Now supports the Dillon CP 2000 and RL1100 as well as the Dillon 1050 Line of Presses!

What’s in the Box

Included is the Autodrive itself, tablet, tablet holder and mount, SD card, pulley, rubber drive belt, cover, power cord, mounting hardware, cable management kit, instructions and sticker!


Set-up is pretty simple. For anyone mechanically-inclined or who has set up an Autodrive before, it should take approximately half an hour. The first step is to mount the press. I used a mounting plate and removed the bolts. There are two sets of holes: one for the RL1100/CP-2000 and one for the 1050. Ensure you have the correct holes, then bolt it down and remove the press handle. Link bar and pulley installation comes next. There are two sets of holes here as well. As this is replacing the handle and making everything run, ensure there is proper belt tension.

Two bolts lock the motor in place and are used to adjust the belt tension. I left the cover off for demonstration purposes, but normally I would keep it on.

Optionally, you can remove the ratchet on the RL1100. I elected to, then reinstalled the cam bolt for the priming system. The manual shows the tablet held by the sides, I prefer it held at the top and bottom on the mounting system. It works either way. Lastly, all the electrical connections need to be made. 

While not part of the Autodrive kit, I also added a Mr. Bullet Feeder from Double Alpha Academy. This is important as you cannot manually feed bullets while using an Autodrive. 


Our RL1100 was all ready to load .223 with the Armanov lock-n-load toolhead installed from prior loading sessions.

I just had to switch out the components. For this session, I used Hodgdon CFE 223, Berry’s .223 55 grain FMJ plated bullets and Federal 205 small rifle primers.

I decreased the top and bottom dwell and started out slowly (1000 rounds/hour) to ensure everything was working properly. Everything ran smoothly, so I sped the machine to 1500 rounds per hour with zero issues.


The Autodrive allows me to set different speeds, count rounds, install sensors, and fine-tune the progressive loading process for greater efficiency. CP-2000 compatibility also allows for high-speed brass prep! 

Get the Gear

Mark 7 Autodrive for Dillon RL/Super 1050, RL1100, CP-2000 

(The Mark 7 Autodrive is also available from Double Alpha Academy.)

The Dillon RL1100 is available directly from dillonprecision.com and from Double Alpha Academy

Mr. Bullet Feeder 

Armanov Quick Change Toolhead Assembly for Dillon Super 1050 and Dillon RL1100

Hodgdon CFE 223 at Midsouth Shooters Supply

Berry’s .223/5.56mm (.224) 55gr FMJBT are available direct from Berry’s and from Midsouth Shooters Supply

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