Dillon RL1100 Precision .223 Bulk Reloading

We’ve previously shown loading bulk 9mm on the Dillon RL1100 as well as mass converting .223 to .300 BLK. This time, we’re seeing if progressive .223 loading still yields precise results! 


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About the Load

When you need a lot of rounds in a hurry, there’s no question a progressive press like the Dillon RL1100 is the way to go. But are you giving up precision? I decided to find out.

I previously recreated the Berger 77 grain OTM .223 load and decided to use this recipe for the experiment. I used 24.7 grains of N140 under a Berger .223 77 grain OTM Tactical bullet in unfired Lapua cases primed with Federal 205’s. 

About the .223 Trainer Rifle

I’ve postulated that my .223 Trainer build is perhaps my most accurate rifle build to date, particularly with Berger 77 grain OTM .223 factory ammo. It’s also one of the most versatile. 


I readied the RL1100, installing the .223 shell plate, .223 case feed adapter, small rifle case feed plate, large powder charge bar and proper dies.

Case insertion claimed station 1 and I left station 2 empty since I was not resizing during this session. A hold down die in station 3 ensured consistent seating of the dies on the shellplate. Station 4 primed cases, station 5 dropped powder, and station 6 contained a powder check. The bullet was finally seated in station 7.

I then loaded the primers, filled the powder drop, and tossed a number of cases into the case feeder. My next task was to create a dummy cartridge and verify all dimensions in Lyman’s ammo checker.

It passed, so I moved on to loading.

Given that N140 is a stick powder, I had to be conscious of the extra dwell time needed on my stroke to ensure the proper amount dispensed through the small .22 caliber funnel. When I completed my session, I took some time to compare my reloads to Berger factory rounds.

Though they had the same OAL, my reloads had a small ring around the bullet from the seater plug. (This could likely be amended by running a mandrel to open up the neck of the brand new Lapua cases, which tend to run a little under size.)


After a rough boresight, I fired a three shot group at 100 yards using a bipod and Game Changer bag. I was amazed with the results— 0.162”—all captured in real time by the Longshot LR-3 camera!

This is right in line with the previous results we’d observed with the .223 trainer. I adjusted the scope, then followed this up with several five shot groups. The best measured 0.384”.


.223 progressive reloading, at least on the Dillon RL1100 with quality components and a solid load, yields just as good results as boxed factory match ammo.

I didn’t run a chronograph this time, but will do so in the future and investigate standard deviation and extreme spread as well as explore further distances.

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