Reloading 223 / 5.56 with Berry’s 55gr FMJ Bullets (Dillon RL-550C)

Recently, Berry’s Manufacturing released their first Jacketed Bullet- the classic 55 grain FMJ 22 cal bullet for the AR-15! In this story, we’ll take a look.


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About Berry’s 55 grain Full Metal Jacket Bullets

From the Berry’s  55gr FMJ Bullets Product Page

Berry’s is proud to introduce our first jacketed rifle bullet! Our .223/5.56mm 55gr Full Metal Jacket Boat tail bullets come with the most consistent jackets and are built around the tightest tolerances, making them the go-to round for the modern 5.56mm/.223 reloader. Available now in our 2000 round ammo can combo as well as 500 and 5000 round packaging at amazing prices!

    • Diameter: .224″
    • Bullet OAL: .740″
    • Ballistic Coefficient: .245
    • Sectional Density: .157

Loading 223 / 5.56 with Berry’s 55 grain FMJ Bullets

For this loading session, I used the Dillon RL-550C 4-station progressive reloading press, a great choice for bulk rifle loading!

The press was setup as follows:

  • Station 1: Sizing/De-Capping (top), Priming (bottom)
  • Station 2: Powder Charge
  • Station 3: Bullet Seat
  • Station 4: Bullet Crimp

The following load components and data were used:

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Chronograph Data

I tested the 55 grain FMJ load with a 16″ AR-15, and with a precision bolt-action rifle to see what kind of velocity I would see. Here are the results:

Rifle Average STDEV ES
24″ Bolt-Action 223 2666.4 38.6 96
16″ 223 Wylde AR-15 2452.0 14.3 34

A bit surprising that the AR-15 had a tighter SD and ES compared to the bolt gun! I think I could push the velocities much higher with a more aggressive powder charge.

Shooting Full Auto

One of my favorite things to do is to shoot full auto!

We blasted through quite a few rounds of ammunition during this story, and didn’t have a single issue related to to functioning or performance, and had a lot of fun in the process!


These Berry’s 55 grain FMJ 22 caliber bullets are great for loading and shooting with the AR-15 platform. If you’re loading 223/5.56 or similar cartridges, give them a try!

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.223/5.56mm (.224) 55gr FMJBT


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