10 Armanov Upgrades that will take your XL750 to the next level!

Armanov makes a number of Dillon press upgrades, like the RL1100 lock-n-load toolhead. This time, we’re tricking out our Dillon XL-750!


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The Parts

Armanov makes upgrades for both the Dillon XL-750 and XL-650, a number of which overlap, though there are differences between the two presses. I have some parts for both the 650 and 750 shown here, but I left the 650 parts in the bags. I also opted to separate the Armanov upgrades by part of the press.

Powder Measure

I have the Armanov powder funnel for 9mm and .300 blackout, precision powder baffle, quick disconnect for Dillon powder measure, and clickable powder thrower adjustment knob for both small and large bars.


Armanov makes quality, anodized toolheads that are precision machined with numbered die stations for easy reference and tapped holes compatible with their floating die lock rings


Brand new is Armanov’s aluminum ring indexer, which replaces the original plastic indexer. I also have the index bearing cam block. This piece has an adjustable primer depth stop, adding extra functionality along with enhancement.

Case Feeding

The universal mirror kit works for all Dillon casefeeders, allowing you to see how many cases you have in the case feed bowl without having to climb above it. The case feed stop works for both the XL-650 and XL-750, allowing the user to stop the case feed without emptying the system. This is ideal for troubleshooting. Armanov’s bullet tray is for convenience — holding a number of bullets besides the press for easy access. For added comfort and function, I also have a ball bearing roller handle


I decided to start at the heart of the press, installing the aluminum ring index and index bearing cam block. I already had a UFO press light from KMS Squared installed, which made it especially easy to see.

These parts were surprisingly simple to install. I had to remove the primer slider bar and shellplate to do this. For powder measure upgrades, I started with the clickable powder thrower adjustment knob, dropped in the baffle, and installed the quick disconnect.

Armanov Quick Disconnect for Dillon XL-750 Powder Measure

I did all this with the powder measure disconnected from the press. I added it back to the toolhead for a trial run before later swapping out the factory toolhead for Armanov’s enhanced one.

Screwing on the handle is pretty straightforward, but be sure to tighten it properly!  Next I installed the bracket for the bullet tray. I had to tip up the Inline Fabrication quick change top plate in order to get access to the screwhead from the bottom.

I attached the plate with an Allen key. The case feed stop is incredibly simple. It stores on the case drop tube until you are ready to put it in place.

Stowed Case Feed Stop

 The case feed mirror has a socket on the rear which attaches to a ball on an articulating mount. This entire assembly sits neatly atop the case feeder bowl. For more detailed install instructions, watch the full video and reference Armanov’s product videos! 


I had this press set up to load .45 ACP and added the same components from our previous session: CFE Pistol and Berry’s 185 grain HBRN bullets.

I used new brass and was fortunate my estimated primer seating depth was accurate. I verified all ammo in an Ammo Checker to ensure it would function. 


Dillon’s XL-650 and XL-750 are incredibly reliable progressive presses with lots of aftermarket accessories. All of these handy accessories from Armanov are available individually and as parts of savings packages! 

Get the Gear

For the Powder Measure: 

Armanov Powder Funnel for 9mm and .300 Blackout

Precision Powder Baffle

Quick Disconnect for Dillon Powder Measure

Clickable Powder Thrower Adjustment Knob for both small and large bars.


Free-Float Toolhead for Dillon XL-650/XL-750

Free-Float Die Lock Ring


Aluminum Ring Indexer

Index Bearing Cam Block with Primer Depth Stop

Case Feeding:

Universal Mirror Kit

Case Feed Stop


Bullet Tray

Ball Bearing Roller Handle

Armanov Pistol 100-Round Ammo Checker

Armanov OAL Uniformer for Ammo Checker

Armanov Quick Loader for 100-Round Ammo Checker

Armanov Brass Stencil

Armanov 100 Round 4-in-1 Ammo Checker Bundle

KMS Squared UFO Press Light

Hodgdon CFE Pistol from Midsouth Shooters Supply

Berry’s .45 ACP 185 grain Hollow Base Round Nose Bullets from Midsouth Shooters Supply

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