UFO LED Press Light Updates for Dillon

I’ve been using UFO press lights from KMS Squared for years now, and they just keep getting better! In fact, KMS just released updated versions of their lights for the Dillon RL-550 series and XL-650/XL-750 presses with some great improvements. And that’s what I’ll go over in this article!

Improved Cord Routing

It’s not super-easy to get power cords “out of the way” when your light strip is close to the working parts of a reloading press. The “original” UFO press lights for the Dillon XL-650 and XL-750 as well as the RL-550b UFO light had the power cord routed down the front frame member of the press. While this worked, the new designs for these lights improve on the routing for cords by running them out and down the back side of the press.

Here’s what the cord routing looks like for the RL-550b:

And similarly, here’s the cord routing for the Dillon XL-650 / XL-750:

More out of the way for sure!

Improved Adhesive

The adhesive on all UFO press lights is top-quality (3M). But the new UFO press lights used an improved 3M adhesive compound, so they’ll stick even better! That’s not a substitute for good prep work, but I personally think more “stick” is better.

Where to Get Them

If you want to get your own “updated” Dillon press light, you can get them here:

Buy Dillon 650/750 Press Light (USA)

Buy Dillon 650/750 Press Light (Canada)

Buy Dillon 550 Press Light (USA)

Buy Dillon 550 Press Light (Canada)

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