Longshot LR-3 Two-Mile Target Camera

Tired of walking downrange to check your targets? Longshot Camera’s LR-3 two-mile target system allows you to see your shots in real time! 


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About Longshot LR-3 Target Camera

Documenting targets and range performance is a big part of heading to the range. It’s also fun to share with friends. To shoot my content, I have to set up several cameras at the targets and on the firing line. Sometimes I have a drone flying over. It’s a lot to manage between memory card errors, batteries, and manually starting and stopping cameras. When I heard about the LR-3, I knew I needed to take a closer look. 

From Longshot Cameras

  • Straight Shooter 2-Mile Guarantee
  • CrispEdge 2688 x 1512 HD Imagery
  • All-Axis Camera Adjustment
  • OverObstacle Design
  • Blinker Shot Locator
  • Patented “Go the Distance” Link Technology
  • Includes: Camera, Receiver, Hard Target Camera Case, 2 Tripods, 2 Chargers

LONGSHOT’s wireless, portable, and battery-powered target camera systems are set up adjacent to your target and 10-15 ft. back; the long-distance wireless camera can be moved within that range to adjust the field of view. Since the long-range wireless camera is positioned downrange by the target, you’ll never have to worry about fighting mirage to see your shots again. With a runtime of 9+ hours, LONGSHOT LR-3 cameras allow you to view the target remotely on your tablet or phone via an easy-to-use free Longshotapp (track and number shots, save photos, review sessions, record video, and stills). No cell or WiFi service is required. You’ll have live HD video at your fingertips, making it easy to see where your shots are hitting—seeing your shot has never been easier.

This camera system allows us to take several rifles to the range and start and stop video recording from a tablet or phone. 

What’s In the Box

Included in a hard carrying case are two small tripods, a transmitter with camera, receiver, and power cords. The transmitter and receiver do have a nine hour run time, so it’s best to leave them to charge all night and shoot all day. 

The waterproof handled case makes for easy transportation. Foam inside is cut to fit each of the individual pieces. 

Testing the System

This camera system is “aimable”.” You can rotate the camera lens as well as manipulate the tripod to get the picture you want. Start with the camera 12-15 feet away from the targets and adjust the framing. Lights on the sides of the receiver and transmitter indicate power, connectivity, and signal strength. Buttons on the unit power the units on and off. There is also a four light battery life indicator. 

One exciting thing about this camera is its two-mile capability. We didn’t have the opportunity to shoot long distances because of the amount of snow here in Washington, but we will be testing it. With our 9th generation iPad we achieved a screen recording resolution of 1440 x 1920. We recorded the entire app using the built-in screen recording feature. Longshot also has its own screen recording feature. The resolution you achieve will depend upon what device you are using. 

Set up is incredibly simple. Turn on the transmitter and receiver, download the Longshot app, and find the LR-3 wifi. Connect to the appropriate Wi-Fi and open the app. Walk downrange and set up the camera. It’s convenient to take a tablet or phone downrange to ensure framing is properly set. Place the receiver at the firing line. We started testing with an Area 419 Maverick on our 6 GT, looking for POI shifts. Everything worked flawlessly. It was very convenient to see everything in real-time. Besides this simple test, we shot some match-grade 140 grain Hybrid 6.5 Creedmoor ammunition from Berger for some accuracy testing with and without the BANISH 30 suppressor. We were able to compare the groups without walking downrange. With this particular rifle and ammunition, the groups were better without the suppressor. Keep in mind this isn’t the suppressor’s “fault” but a point of load development. 

This system allows us to take several rifles and various loads for each to the range at once and start and stop screen recording at will. This camera has enough of a wide angle that you can easily get eight 8” x 11” targets in the frame at once. Also, you can always move further away. 

For some fun on steel, I used an AR I built at an influencer event equipped with some Ultradyne dual aperture sights, custom Cerakote from my training, and BANISH 223. In addition, we used a new target system from D-M Targets. This folding, multi-use stand holds a 2” x 4” on which you have a topper to hang targets from. With all the snow, this stand makes it easy to store and take out when we want to shoot! I fired both five and ten shot groups offhand. 

Longshot App 

Once connected to the Wi-Fi, hit the play button within the Longshot app when it shows the camera is connected. The play button takes you to the live view. At this point, it’s beneficial to flip the screen from portrait to landscape. You’ll now see a live view of the camera feed. You can record by holding the camera button and take photos by tapping the same.

These are just the basics — in future videos we’ll cover in more detail! 

You can also measure groups inside the app. From the main menu, click on the ruler and set the reference size. We have a reference size of 1” where the target dot was and were shooting from approximately 45 yards. When you exit the menu, the app asks you to set reference points one and two. I set the reference points on opposite sides of the 1” circle. Set point of aim right in the middle. Hit start, zoom in, and tap where the shots hit. Tapping another button will give a reference card you can “hold” and move where you like. The five-shot group measured 1.76” with an adjustment to zero of 3.08” up and 0.1” right. Turning measurement off will clear the screen. The 10-shot group also used the 1” reference size and 45 yard distance. The 10-shot group measured 2.36” with a suggested correction of 3.04” up and 0.98” right. This is a great time to get a screenshot. This feature is really nice as it gives you some instant feedback, no matter the distance out to 2 miles. Just be sure you have a reference measurement! 


Our tests, though simple, revealed we will be able to streamline our target shooting with the use of the LR-3. We’ll be adding another camera, showing you how to switch between them, and going out to longer distances! We’re about to build an ELR rifle and the Longshot Target System will be invaluable. 

Get the Gear! 

Longshot LR-3 2 Mile UHD – $899 MSRP

6.5 Creedmoor 140 Grain Hybrid Target Berger Factory Ammunition

Banish 30 – Silencer Central

Banish 223 – Silencer Central

D-M Targets Folding Multi-Use Stand

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