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I’ve featured a lot of gear from the Double Alpha Academy, and have more coming, but here are some of our favorites. 


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Press Equipment 

Many of DAA’s press products are Dillon specific. This is because Dillon has sort of been the de facto progressive press for match shooters for many years. DAA also offers various items designed for competitive shooters. 

I really like the DAA case feed system for the Dillon RL550. I do a lot of loading on the RL550C, both for match and hunting ammunition. This case feed system is economical and works very well. It has a bowl which collates the cases so they drop down in the proper orientation.

For Dillon and Hornady progressive press case feed systems, the DAA XL750 turbo case feed plate is a great option. I ran tests on this product and found it does increase productivity! We discovered an approximate 20% increase in throughput with 9mm cases. This plate also reduces jams and is universal for pistols, so you don’t need to change anything when switching between 9mm and 45 ACP. Included with the case feed plate but also sold separately is the DAA enhanced wedge for the new DC motor for Dillon case feed bowls.

Expanding the manufacturer pool, the Mr. Bullet Feeder from DAA works with Mark 7, Dillon, and other presses with rifle and pistol bullets across a wide range of calibers. Once you learn the adjustments for the orientation and feeding of bullets, it’s a very easy system to get used to. It uses a system of internal ball bearings to help drop the cases and I’ve found that works very well.

You will need a different Mr. Bullet Feeder depending upon your desired caliber. Included with the pistol sets is an enhanced Dillon powder thru expander. This helps flares the case to just perfectly hold and retain a bullet so they don’t topple as they index.  

Also on various presses, I’ve featured the magnetic powder check. This fully adjustable unit is self-contained, reliable, and works with rifle and pistol calibers in about any press which can accommodate a powder check station. If you’re using a bullet feed on the Dillon XL750, there’s an extra short charge bar for the powder measure that prevents a conflict you’ll have in the respective station on the 750. 

Primer Handling Products

I’ve already done a full video on DAA’s priming products, but here’s a quick recap. 

I use the primer-pro for high volume priming with small primers, but I really use the primafill most often, nearly every time I prime cases.


This primafill works for both small and large primers and is easily converted by flipping a small magnetic wedge that blocks the unused port. Primer tubes fit into the bottom of the unit and are easily released by a lever. The primafill also has an integrated flip tray, so you can just dump your primers in, shake it, put on the lid, and load.


DAA also makes a separate, economical flip tray, though I haven’t personally tested it yet.

In addition to a storage rack for primer tubes, DAA produces several different primer tubes, including the priming system for the Primal Rights Competition Primer Seater

Get the Gear! 

Mini Case Feed System for Dillon RL550 – $154.95

Case Feeder Loader Bowl – $21.95

Double Alpha Academy Turbo Case-Feeder Plate – $44.95

Double Alpha Academy Wedge – $8.95

Mr. Bulletfeeder 

DAA Magnetic Powder Check 2.0 – $69.95

Extra-Short Dillon Powder Bar

Primer Handling Including Tubes, Storage Racks



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