NEW! PrimaFill from Double Alpha Academy

I’m always looking for ways to simplify primer handling when bulk loading ammunition. In this article we’ll look at an all-new system for loading primers from the Double Alpha Academy called PrimaFill. Will this make your life easier when reloading? Check it out!

PrimaFill from Double Alpha

PrimaFill is a stand-alone primer tube filling machine that works will large and small primers, and also works with any 8mm OD tube (Dillon, new DAA tubes, etc).

From the Double Alpha Product Page:

The Double-Alpha PRIMAFILL is a semi-automatic primer-tube filling solution, able to quickly and easily fill both Small and Large primer tubes. It allows you to switch between Small and Large primers instantly, without tools or assembly.

The PRIMAFILL can be used with any primer tubes which have an 8mm outer diameter, such as Dillon, or DAA tubes. It does not require a custom adaptor piece fitted to the tube, as other competing products require. So using the PRIMAFILL, you will be able to fill all your primer tubes!

The Extra-Large flip-tray area is convenient when emptying large primer boxes, such as Federal and others. The tray is large enough for the entire box to fit over.

The PRIMAFILL is powered by a regular 9v battery (not included). A momentary ON switch falls naturally under your index finger as you hold the device for right hand use, with your thumb centered on top of the lid. Hold the button down as you feed the primers into the tube, and release as soon as the last primer vanishes down the exit hole. Since this action should take 20 seconds or less, one battery charge will last for many thousands of primers.

The spring-loaded orange latches incorporated into the output posts enable you to snap a tube into place, or remove it, instantly without any twists or turns, the latch falls naturally under your thumb: you press down on it as you insert the tube up, and  you press up on the latch as you extract the tube downwards. An Easy and natural apposing thumb action.

Primer tubes and battery are not included!

Using the Prima-Fill

Let’s take a look at the parts and pieces that make up the PrimaFill:

To use the PrimaFill, you do the following:

  1. 1st time use: remove battery door, install 9V battery (not included)
  2. Remove lid
  3. Put plug in output port for primer size not in use
  4. Pour in primers
  5. Oscillate PrimaFill unit side to side GENTLY (doesn’t take much) to flip over primers
  6. Orient primers to the side OPPOSITE the output port you’re using
  7. Plug in pick-up tube into output port being used
  8. Press and hold power button
  9. Hold PrimaFill at angle where primers flow into output port, be careful to not exceed a “stack depth” of 1-2 primers
  10. Continue rocking angle to flow primers accordingly until primer tube is full
  11. When done, press release lever to remove pickup tube

That’s it! It takes only 10-20 seconds to load a tube once you get used to it!

Multiple Package Options

If you are interested in PrimaFill, you have multiple options! Click on the images below to visit the respective product pages.

Option 1: PrimaFill only

Option 2: PrimaFill and 5 Tubes

Option 3: PrimaFill, 10 Tubes, plus Rack

In Case You Missed It: PrimerPro

The Double Alpha PrimerPro is a fully automatic solution for loading small primers, here’s the video from that story. (full story HERE)

Here’s a link to the product page: DAA Primer Collator (USA)

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