NEW DAA Mini Case Feeder for the Dillon RL550

The Double Alpha Academy just released their new affordable mini case feed system for the Dillon RL550, and in this story I’ll show you how it works!

About the DAA RL550 Mini Case Feeder

From the Double Alpha Academy product page:

The DAA 550 Mini Case Feeder will greatly improve the efficiency of your Dillon 550 reloading press! 

By automatically feeding the cases into the shell plate, this clever accessory allows you to keep your right hand on the handle as you operate the press, and eliminates the need to pick up and orientate each piece of brass manually and feed it into the shell plate. Your reloading will be faster, easier and more enjoyable!

Please be sure to watch the video tutorials on Setup and caliber conversion BEFORE attempting to use your 550 Mini Case Feeder!

Short product intro video:

Full assembly video:

Caliber conversion video:

Unlock the full potential of your Dillon 550 case feeder with this device, which ships complete and ready to use to load most pistol calibers, as well as .223 and .300BO.

You can switch calibers on the case feeder in under a minute, making this solution perfect for 550 reloaders who often reload many calibers.

Supported calibers include: .380ACP, 9mm, 9×21, 9×23, .38S, .40SW, .45ACP, .223, .300BO

What’s In the Box

*Note: the feed bowl, press, and accessories shown above are not included

The DAA 550 Mini Case Feeder includes the following parts:

  • One 6 tube magazine assembly (will hold approx..150pcs of 9mm, or 130 of .40 or .38S)
  • Magazine holder assembly
  • Plunger assembly
  • Rail assembly
  • Feed Track assembly
  • 5 feed tubes
  • 3 case slider adaptors
  • Large (Rifle) case feeder


Double Alpha has put together the following in-depth setup video:

As shown in this video and the Ultimate Reloader video in this article, the process for setting up the mini case feeder is as follows:

  • Remove shellplate and sub-plate
  • Remove sub-plate bracket (with primer rod roller and case retainer), remove primer catcher
  • Install primer catcher on DAA feed track assembly (using cotter pin that came with press)
  • Install DAA feed track assembly on ram, align primer punch while tightening down screws
  • RL550C only: file off material from rail bracket to account for raised rim around toolhead slot
  • Install DAA rail assembly on press
  • Remove primer buzzer and cap
  • Install DAA magazine holder on primer tube
  • Replace primer tube cap and buzzer
  • Install appropriate DAA lower tube and funnel
  • For pistol calibers only: install appropriate DAA upper case adapter plate

Feeding 223 Cases

When setup for 223, the DAA Mini Case Feeder uses a specific lower funnel for 223/300BLK, and no adapter plate for the upper feed. I used the optional case feed bowl for loading using the 3-hole adapter for 223. This works quite well!

Some notes about feeding 223 cases with the Mini Case Feeder:

  • The adjustment of the rail on the press will affect case inserter positioning while cases fall (rear-most position). It is critical to adjust the rail so that the inserter is *just* far enough back for a case to drop and no further back.
  • It helps to slow down the press handle speed when the inserter is at its rear-most position. This helps to prevent cases from tipping when they fall into position.

Feeding 9mm Cases

The changeover for this case feeder takes only about a minute if you are practiced up! To switch things over for 9mm, I did the following:

  • Changed case inserter (pulls out back)
  • Changed the lower tube
  • Inserted 9mm case adapter plate in upper feeder (magazine holder)
  • Removed 223 case adapter from the loader bowl

Following the typical shellplate change procedure on the RL550C (from 223 to 9mm) I was ready to feed cases!


The Double Alpha case feeder is affordable, coming in at less than half of a complete motorized case feed system! It’s also very flexible and easy to setup.

If you can keep an eye on the case level in the feed tubes and rotate the magazine periodically, you’ll be in good shape!

Get the Gear

The Mini Case Feed System for the Dillon RL550 is available directly from the Double Alpha Academy:

While there, you can also pick up the Case Feeder Loader Bowl:

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