XL-750 Bullet Feed SOLUTION (Double Alpha Extra-Short Powder Bar)

The Dillon XL-750 is an improved version of the XL-650- with the priming system changes alone being worth the upgrade (and then there are numerous other improvements as well). For a full list of differences/upgrades, check out my XL-650 -vs- XL-750 article and video (I cover the changes in detail). One issue I have encountered with the XL-750 is with getting a bullet feeder installed, and Double Alpha Academy has just released a solution to that problem: the DAA Extra Short Powder Bar for Dillon. How does this product correct the issue? Read on!

The Issue

The Problem with bullet feeder configuration you’ll see with a factory Dillon XL-750 setup can be illustrated by the following photo:

If you look above station #4 above (directly above “45 ACP” label), you’ll see that the powder bar extends over that station when charging is happening. This blocks the space that would be taken up by the bullet dropper die! And that’s the problem in a nut shell.

The Solution

The solution is simple: drastically shorten the powder bar. Double Alpha Took care of this by “internalizing” the powder adjustment screw. You use an Allen key to change the powder charge! Here’s the factory Dillon powder bar next to the Double Alpha Extra-Short Powder Bar:

The cavity profile and dimensions are the same, except the capacity for the extra-short bar is slightly reduced. The extra-short powder bar is currently only available for pistol configurations (small size).


The installation of the Double Alpha Extra-Short Powder Bar is the same as that for the Dillon powder bars.

To summarize the “swap out” process:

  1. Remove powder measure from press
  2. Loosen plate clamp screw
  3. Pull back slide post plate, remove white nylon square slider
  4. Slide out factory Dillon bar
  5. Slide in Double Alpha Extra-Short Powder Bar
  6. Pull back slide post plate, replace white nylon square slider
  7. Re-tighten plate clamp screw (leave a tad loose for easy rotation/actuation)
  8. Re-install powder measure on press
  9. Check/adjust powder charge

Problem Solved

In the picture above, you can see a preview from the next related story: getting Mr. Bullet Feeder installed for 45 ACP on the Dillon XL-750. You can see how much clearance there is for the bullet feed die- the problem is indeed “solved”! Stay tuned for that story.

Get Yours

You can find the Double Alpha Extra-Short Powder Bar direct at Double Alpha Academy:

Happy loading!

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