Insane! Loading 223 / 5.56 with the Mark 7 Evolution + Mr. Bullet Feeder

I’m back at it with the Mark 7 Evolution 10-station progressive reloading press! In case you’ve missed the previous stories, you can check them out here:

  1. Mark 7 Evolution: Unboxing, Overview, Setup, Loading 9mm
  2. Mr. Bullet Feeder: Unboxing, Setup, Loading 9mm
  3. Mark 7 Evolution Caliber Change 9mm to 223

This time I’ll be picking up where I left off in the last story (reloading 223) and will be doing two things: adding a Double Alpha Magnetic Powder Check, and also adding a Mr. Bullet Feeder for 223 to this setup. That will enable some “high-volume” reloading, let’s get to it!

Die Stations

The Mark 7 Evolution has 10 stations, and we’re going to use most of them! Here’s how things will break down:

And here’s the station breakdown:

  1. Case inserter
  2. Sizer (using only expander ball in this setup)
  3. Empty (I will use for a hold-down that helps with swaging when I process military brass)
  4. Hold-down for priming
  5. Empty (typically expander is used here for pistol loading)
  6. Powder charge
  7. Double Alpha Magnetic Powder Check
  8. Bullet Feed Die (Mr. Bullet Feeder)
  9. Bullet Seating
  10. Empty (can use crimp die here, common with 223 cannelured bullets)

Loading Components and Data

Starline 5.56 Brass

Starline sells both 223 brass (see my amazing results with Starline 223 HERE) and 5.56 brass as well.

Powder, Primers, Bullets

Here’s the full load data/details:

Use load data at your own risk. Ultimate Reloader is not responsible for errors in load data on this website. Always cross-reference load data with manufacturer’s published data.

Double Alpha Magnetic Powder Check

The Double Alpha Magnetic Powder Check has some interesting features and benefits that makes it unique:

  1. If there is a powder charge issue, you’ll get both an audible alarm *AND* a visual cue (an LED will light up)
  2. This powder check is VERY fast and easy to setup
  3. There are multiple settings for sensitivity (allowable variance without sounding alarm)
  4. The unit is self-contained and doesn’t take up a lot of space on the toolhead
  5. It’s affordable (just under $60 when I just looked)

Setting up the Magnetic Powder Check is easy:

  1. When loading rifle cartridges, you remove the plastic spacer, and flip the plunger rod (see top of die in picture above, picture below)
  2. Place a charged case in the powder check station (I installed in station #7, just ahead of the bullet feed station)
  3. Screw in the powder check die until the disc lifts off the die body (alarm will likely sound)
  4. Move magnet sensor up and down to find the upper and lower limits of the vertical “safe zone” (where alarm does not sound)
  5. Tighten the magnet set screw in the middle of the safe zone
  6. Check the setup with a properly charged case, an empty case, and and over-filled case

Above: plastic spacer removed in preparation for flipping the plunger rod

Here’s what the Magnetic Powder check die looks like, showing a no-powder check (note red LED):

Mr. Bullet Feeder Setup for 223 / 5.56

For a detailed walk through of the process for setting up the Mr. Bullet Feed system, see my Mark 7 Evolution 9mm / Mr. Bullet Feeder story:

Mr. Bullet Feeder: Unboxing, Setup, Loading 9mm

For pistol, the process for setup is basically the same, but for 223 I had to pay more attention to the following parameters for setup:

  • Nose guide height
  • Flip ramp orientation
  • Bowl angle

Based on the particular bullet you’re using, you may need to manipulate these parameters in order to get 100% reliable feeding.

Now that things were setup, I have a very efficient and smooth 223 / 5.56 loading setup as shown here:

The only thing left to make this setup “optimized” is to add an autodrive which is indeed available for the Mark 7 Evolution!

Get the Gear

If you’re interested in these products, you can get them from Mark 7 and double Alpha HERE:

Mark 7 Evolution 10-station Progressive Reloading Press (Also sold by the Double Alpha Academy)

Double Alpha Magnetic Powder Check

Mr. Bullet Feeder at Double Alpha

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3 thoughts on “Insane! Loading 223 / 5.56 with the Mark 7 Evolution + Mr. Bullet Feeder”

  1. Hi Gavin, I have 2 RCBS powder chargers that I use with my single stage press which speeds up my reloading significantly. My buddy has a 650 Dillion with all the attachments and he loves it. This Mark 7 looks real nice. I know you are having a shootout but was wondering if you would share which progressive between the Dillion and the Mark 7 you like better. Thanks Gavin.

  2. I thought it would be reloading reloading components that would price me out of reloading. When reloading press prices turn this into a rich mans sport, my participation will half to fall off.

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