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Less is More? Using a SMALLER Cartridge for Grizzly, Why? (30-06 vs 375 H&H)

I had long wanted to hunt grizzly in Alaska, and finally saved enough to pay for the hunt. There’s a lot to consider when contemplating a grizzly hunt, from the gun to the cartridge, terrain, and location!  Disclaimer Ultimate Reloader LLC / Making with Metal Disclaimer: (by reading this article and/or watching video content you […]

NEW: Wheeler Pro Series Gunsmithing Tools

Some time ago, I attended a Wheeler Tool rebranding in Moab, Utah. The toolset I brought home with me has since been my most frequently used tool set and the one everyone at the Rock Chuck Olympics grabbed to mount and swap scopes. Wheeler’s Professional Gunsmithing tool sets neatly contain everything you need!  Disclaimer Ultimate […]