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Some time ago, I attended a Wheeler Tool rebranding in Moab, Utah. The toolset I brought home with me has since been my most frequently used tool set and the one everyone at the Rock Chuck Olympics grabbed to mount and swap scopes.

Wheeler’s Professional Gunsmithing tool sets neatly contain everything you need! 


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About Wheeler’s Pro Series Gunsmithing Tools 

Wheeler’s new professional series combines several kits. They offer the Spacesaver Set, Hex/Torx Set,wheel Gunsmithing Set and F.A.T. Wrench set

All the sets come in updated cases with articulating hinges. All the tools are also set in a subtler copper/gray color scheme rather than the old bright yellow.

The lid of each kit specifies the location for each bit, making them easy to find and keep organized. Also, the bits stay intact but don’t need to be pried out! 

Spacesaver Set

The 36-Piece Spacesaver set will fit just about anywhere and is the easiest to take to the range. It includes: 

  • Driver
  • 16 Hex Bits – 1/16” – 3/16”; 1.5mm – 6mm
  • 8 Torx Bits – TT15-TT25; T6-T10
  • 6 Flat Bits 
  • 4 Phillips Bits – PH0-PH3

Hex/Torx Set

The Hex/Torx set is a bit bigger, with 65 total pieces including a screwdriver, micro driver and an assortment of bits.

  • 32 Hex Bits – 0.028” – ⅜”; 0.7mm – 10mm
  • 18 Torx Bits – TT15-TT30; T1-T10
  • 6 Flat Bits
  • 5 Phillips Bits – PH00-PH3
  • 1 Specialty Bit for Leupold Scope Base

Gunsmithing Set

The Gunsmithing Screwdriver set ups the game with a number of specialty bits including the following: 

  • 14 Specialty Bits
    • Redfield Windage Adjustment 
    • Ruger Base Pin
    • Mauser Stock Bolt
    • Millet Rear Sight
    • M1 Rear Sight
    • S&W Rebound Spring Compressor
    • GLOCK Front Sight Tool
    • 1911 Grip Bushing
    • Leupold Scope Base Grip Bushing
    • Push Pins x 4 (0.062” – 0.125”)
    • Ruger-Weaver Scope Rings
  •  8 Hex Bits – 1/16” – 3/16”
  • 3 Torx Bits – T10-TT20
  • 54 Flat Bits 
  • 5 Phillips Bits – PH0-PH3, PH2 long
  • 2 Drivers

F.A.T. Wrench Set

Last but not least, the F.A.T. Wrench set obviously includes the F.A.T. Wrench torque-limiting screwdriver, but also a traditional driver and number of extras. 

  • 15 Nut Drivers – 3/16” – ½”; 5mm – 12mm
  • 3 Square Bits – 1-3
  • 28 Flat Bits 
  • 5 Phillips Bits – PH0-PH3 and PH2 (long)
  • 13 Torx Bits – T5-T10; TT15-TT40
  • 26 Hex Bits – 0.05”-⅜”; 1.5mm-10mm
  • 5 Specialty Bits: Leupold Scope Base and 4 Push Pins – 0.062”-0.125”

Scope Install

We just unboxed an Athlon Cronus ATS Thermal to mount on my 22GT build for some night hunting! It came with Athlon rings requiring 65 inch-pounds on the base and 18-20 inch-pounds on the ring caps. Both required a T15 Torx, which fit nicely into the magnetic F.A.T. Wrench.

I lightly set the rings, pushing them forward onto the Picatinny, and torqued down the ring bases. I then removed the ring caps, set the scope in place, and began the leveling process using a Wheeler bubble level and a parallel.

When I was happy, I secured the ring caps, screwing them down in a criss-cross fashion while ensuring gaps between the rings were approximately equal. 


It’s never fun to have to search for a bit. Wheeler’s new Professional Gunsmithing Tool Sets are well thought out with a variety of bits for every job. Watch for these upgraded tool sets in upcoming videos! 

Get the Gear

Buy the new Professional Series directly from Wheeler Tools

36 Piece Spacesaver Screwdriver Set

65 Piece Hex/Torx Screwdriver Set

89 Piece Professional Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set

100 Piece Professional FAT Wrench Screwdriver Set

Athlon Cronus ATS Thermal 

Learn how to put these tools to even more uses at the Colorado School of Trades!

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