NEW: XLR C-6 Buttstock (In-Depth)

Earlier this year we tested the XLR Envy Pro Chassis System complete with XLR’s C-6 buttstock. We promised an in-depth video and test of the new buttstock then – here it is! 


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About the XLR C-6 Buttstock

Though we’ve featured this stock before, it’s now available to the general public! XLR has faced supply chain issues, like the rest of the industry, and has been inundated with orders.

The buttstock comes on its own — I also have some weights to add if I need to. We’ve already shown the buttstock weights installed on the XLR Envy Pro

The C-6 is billet CNC construction with a skeletonized design to save weight. It has three QD cups on each side of the stock, making adding a sling easy. The buttstock attachment point has standard AR style buttstock threading, but no buffer tube. It will work with current and legacy  XLR chassis systems. Due to its AR style threading, it may be compatible with other AR-style attachment points and threading, but it’s not guaranteed. 

From XLR Industries

The all NEW XLR Industries C-6 Buttstock offers an impressive six total fit adjustments and brings tool-less adjustability for the length of pull, cheek rest height, and recoil pad height allowing shooters the ability to fine-tune the fit of their rifle with ease. No matter the position, scenario, or size of the shooter, the shooter can obtain that perfect interface with the rifle.

The C-6 Buttstock has been in multiple years of development and testing, complementing the Envy Pro for positional competition shooting and allowing quick last-minute changes for offhand stages, support side, or specific positions needing a different setup.

For the sportsman shooter, the XLR C-6 comes in at only 24 ounces, allowing a modern hunting chassis/buttstock package for precision long-range shooting!

Cheek Rest Foam and a Castle nut are included in each order.


Weight: 24 ounces

Length of Pull ranges: The C-6 Buttstock has two different length adapters that can be changed out to acquire different LOP ranges, or accommodate the folding adapter.

Short adapter-fixed: 12 to 13 inch LOP

Short adapter-folding: 13.5 – 14.5 inch LOP

Long adapter-fixed: 13.5 – 14.5 inch LOP

Long adapter-folding: 15 – 16 inch LOP

Cheek Rest Height Range: 1.3 inches.

Cheek Rest Cast Range: 0.350 inches.

Cheek Rest Forward and Aft Range: 1.0 inch.

Recoil pad Height Range: 3.25 inches.

The cheek rest height and length of pull only require you to unlock the knurled aluminum friction knob by hand at which point the adjustment wheel is rotated to the desired location. Micro detents allow precise adjustment increments. When correctly fit, simply ¼-turn the knurled friction knob tight which will eliminate any movement in the stock and will maintain the adjustment setting until later change is desired.

The cheek rest features 2 additional adjustments other than height. One in cast (left or right) and the second is forward and aft. These features combine to give the perfect cheek weld and allow alignment of your eye directly behind the ocular lens of the scope.

The recoil pad height is adjusted by simply pressing the button located on the side of the recoil pad plate. While holding this in, slide the recoil pad to the required height. The heavy-duty spring and tapered locking dovetail will snap back and lock down the desired position. I particularly like the tool-less adjustment of the C-6 buttstock. Loosening the two thumb screws allows for quick adjustments. A special coarse threading makes it so few turns are required to make a difference. If you like, you can even count the clicks to record a certain setting. The height adjustable cheek riser has a soft-foam padding on top, but is also adjustable for cant and “windage.” You can move it left and right to get your position just right.  The push button for the  buttstock height is especially convenient as you can make changes in position without having to completely remove the rifle from your shoulder. XLR offers two different length of pull options — fixed and foldable — ranging from 12 to 16 inchesThe bottom of the buttstock has a sloped and straight section drilled and tapped for the same mounting screws as other XLR bag riders. 

Installing on an XLR Element 4.0 Magnesium Chassis

I decided to add the C-6 Buttstock to the XLR Element 4.0 Magnesium Chassis and install it on my 223 trainer. This gun is a bit nose-heavy, so the C-6 stock should help balance it out. I also have the option to add buttstock weights. 

When you go to swap out a buttstock on an XLR chassis, first check to be sure you have the set screw that rides in the keyway. I don’t have the screws in place, but if you do, you probably should remove the grip and the set screw. Next comes cracking the castle nut, removing the old buttstock and screwing in the new one. 

With my 223 barreled action installed, complete with a BANISH 30 suppressor, the gun balanced very well. 


The compact C-6 Buttstock is incredibly lightweight and its tooless adjustment allows for quick and easy changes between positions. It is also available in a wide variety of colors. 

Get the Gear! 

The C-6 Buttstock is available directly from XLR Industries ($399). Note that during the initial release, some orders may receive a 2-4 week lead time.

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