XLR Envy Pro Chassis System In-Depth

Here at Ultimate Reloader, we are huge fans of XLR chassis. We’ve used several pre-installed factory offerings from Bergara and Anschutz as well as included some in rifle builds. New to us is XLR’s Envy Pro billet aluminum chassis, a feature-rich choice with many different options to choose from. 


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About the Envy Pro Chassis

We have several XLR chassis on hand: the 6.5 Creedmoor caliber MG Lite with an XLR magnesium chassis, an Anschutz 1710 Competition HB with an aluminum chassis and several rifle builds. Gavin built a 22 GT on the magnesium chassis and another shop XLR Element magnesium chassis has seen several builds. Already thrilled with XLR’s products, we decided to take a closer look at their Envy Pro, featuring the new C-6 buttstock.

From XLR Industries

The new ENVY Pro rifle chassis was designed for precision rifle competition and is a true testament to the progressive nature of precision rifle shooting.  We have taken tons of feedback from our Pro Shooters and customers over the past year and have implemented their ideas to give you our most state-of-the-art chassis to date.  The new ENVY Pro features more tunability and adjustment than ever before and has even more integrated features to help you get the impact when it counts. 

The revised forend of the ENVY Pro is perhaps its most noticeable feature.  We increased the width of the forend to allow more MLOK slots and provide spacing for our new thumb rest scallops.  These new scallops give multiple areas and spacing for shooters to index their thumb when pinching a front bag.  The scallop feature surface area is increased with the use of our Envy Pro side weights and NV hood. 

At the front of the forend is a keyed nose piece that allows the shooter to set up with a lightweight aluminum dovetail nosepiece or they can extend the length of the integrated dovetail with a long, steel nosepiece.  Moving to the inside of the chassis, you will find provisions for tunable internal steel weights.  Not only will this allow the shooter to add weight to their system, but also help find the perfect balance point. 

The new ENVY Pro rifle chassis retains previous features such as the full-length ARCA/RRS dovetail, integrated QD sling cups, thumb rest provisions, bubble level and more.  All this was done while maintaining the superb strength and “deadness” our chassis are known for. 

Not sure it’s the right chassis? The ENVY PRO chassis may be for you if.

    • you are… looking to build a rimfire chassis rifle for competition.
    • you are… looking to build a long range rifle.
    • you are… looking to compete in competition shooting.
    • you are… looking for a wide range of weight adjustments.
    • you are… interested in building a .22 caliber bolt action chassis rifle.


    • Material: Machined from solid 6061 T-6 billet aluminum
    • Arca-Swiss/RSS Railing: Integrated full-length RRS spec 1.5” dovetail (Arca Swiss)
    • M-LOK Compatible: Yes, the ENVY PRO chassis system is M-LOK compatible.
    • Detachable Magazines: Yes, the ENVY PRO chassis system comes standard with an integrated detachable box magazine system (Magazine sold separately).
    • Magazine Type: The ENVY PRO chassis system Utilizes AICS pattern magazines.
    • Bedding Required: No, XLR’s multi-point radial cut inlet eliminates the need for traditional V-Block or Glass Bedding
    • Compatible Triggers: ENVY PRO chassis systems are compatible with most factory and aftermarket trigger systems.
    • Chassis Weight: ENVY PRO chassis system with TR-2 Buttstock and Ergo Grip weighs 4 pounds 3 ounces.
    • Integrated bubble level
    • Accepts AR Style Flat top grips.
    • Integrated serrated mag-well barricade stop
    • Mounting Provisions for Thumb Rest
    • 4 strategically placed Quick Detach sling swivel sockets
    • Large flared mag-well
    • Fully ambidextrous design

What’s in the Box? 

We received the chassis itself and thumb rest in our box, though customers have a variety of inlets and cerakote options to choose from when ordering. You may also choose from three buttstock options, or none at all.  We had ours configured with the new XLR C-6 buttstock . General public availability for the C-6 is coming shortly- and we’ll be doing a full story then!

Additional fees apply for the following upgrades: 

  • Thumb rest (which we got) 
  • Timer mount
  • QUICK ADJUST 1.5” barricade stop 
  • 4.5” M-LOK Picatinny rail 
  • M-LOK bipod/sling adapter 

Shooting Thoughts 

Designed to be versatile, we decided to install both Remington 700 platform rimfire and centerfire actions in the chassis. 

We removed the Bergara B-14R barreled action from its factory stock and installed it in the Envy Pro chassis. I shot this rifle at some of the small swinger targets we had set up as well as a KYL target. After taking a few shots to get used to the ergonomics of the chassis, I decided to swap it out with the stock on the .223 trainer I had brought along as well.

No matter what rifle I used it with, it balanced well and rested easily on bags in conjunction with barricades. While not necessarily quantifiable, this chassis just felt good to shoot. I was able to get impacts right away and felt one with the gun. Taking a look at my experience, Gavin postulated about taking the .223 trainer out to a precision rifle match with the XLR chassis.

The integrated ARCA rail allows for the addition of a variety of different bipods, bag riders and other accessories. 


My favorite feature of the XLR Envy Pro is the adjustable magazine catch.

All magazines have their quirks and we’re working with stamped metal magazines, injection-molded magazines, etc. Sometimes inserting a magazine can be a struggle. We made some manual adjustments when using the Bergara B-14R’s 22LR magazine, making sure it seated easily and with enough room to prevent damage to the lead bullet tip. An Allen screw on one side allows for this. The flared magwell itself is sloped, which helped it to remain steady and secure while shooting off a bag. 

The entire chassis is machined from a solid billet of 6061 T6 aluminum— it has tight tolerances and a beautiful surface finish. The bottom of the chassis has a Really Right Stuff spec full-length ARCA rail – a must have in our opinion, as well as XLR’s vertical AR-style pistol grip. 

In addition to AR-style grips, it will also accept AR-style buttstocks. We have the new C-6 buttstock mounted (as previously mentioned), but the chassis weighs in at 4 lbs, 3 ounces with the currently more accessible TR-2 buttstock

The Envy Pro comes with an integrated bubble level – we added an optional thumb rest and bag rider. This brings up an interesting point – the Envy Pro is ambidextrous. There are holes for the thumb rest on either side of the chassis, a plug for the bolt knob on both sides and an ambidextrous magazine catch. 

The ARCA rail isn’t the only forethought XLR put into accessories – the Envy Pro has integrated QD sockets.


Looking forward, I’m excited to take full advantage of the Envy Pro’s versatility. It has a great array of options and ways to balance and fit the rifle to each shooter and even each position, which is super advantageous to the performance-minded shooter. My first task is to add a weight kit and balance the chassis with a 6mm Dasher barreled action installed. Stay tuned for this and a feature on XLR’s new C-6 buttstock

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