Lyman Borecam 2.0

The Lyman Borecam 2.0 has increased resolution over the old model, plus wireless connectivity! 


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About the Lyman Borecam 2.0

This borecam works for guns .22 caliber and larger. The rod measures 26” in length and is marked as such, though can be used on short barrels as well.

An included depth stop makes it possible to mark how deep an imperfection is. Pressing the power button on the handle activates a WiFi access point you can connect to with your phone. Also on the handle are brightness and camera controls. 

From Lyman

The wireless Borecam 2.0 produces its own WiFi signal which sends super clean and detailed images directly to your phone. No wires or monitors to get in the way during use. Carefully inspect your bores for wear, throat erosion, tool marks and other rifling damage, as well as copper or lead fouling.

The Borecam 2.0 will fit .22 caliber and larger barrels and is now equipped with a longer 26” rod. In addition to taking photos, the Borecam 2.0 now takes sharp, clear videos. The Borecam 2.0’s easy-to-use app makes storing and retrieving photos and video simple. Apps are available for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Borecam includes: Rod with mounted camera, 5 interchangeable 90° Mirrors for various calibers, and usb cord for charging.

NOTE: Unit is rechargeable and is charged by plugging into a usb port on a PC or standard phone charger (not included).

What’s in the Box

The unit comes with instructions, a USB charging cable, and a convenient plastic box of different sized, right-angle mirrors (5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8.5mm, 10mm).


The next step after charging the unit is to download and open the Lyman Borecam 2.0 app.

USB-C Charging Point

Pressing the power button on the borecam will activate a WiFi network. Connect to this network on your chosen device (Android or Apple).

Note that you will lose your internet connection when you connect to this WiFi! (You must download the app first before connecting to the WiFi.) A short press of the camera control button takes a photo while a long, continuous press will record a video.

These save to the camera roll. With the app open, you will be able to view a continuous live feed.

I have several barrels to view with this borescope including a dirty .308 Winchester barrel and a brand new 6mm Bartlein barrel blank.

I screwed on the .30 caliber right-angle mirror and started with the .308.

Not only is this borescope more portable because it’s wireless, but it’s also easier to spin and manipulate. This allowed me to see that there was some sort of misalignment during the chambering process, not uncommon for a low-cost rifle.

(This gun was shooting between two and four MOA.)  I also observed some debris and copper fouling. Switching mirrors was easy—all I had to do was unscrew it. I used the .22 caliber mirror for the barrel blank as the 6mm was a bit tight. 

Borescopes are most often associated with rifles but they can also be used with pistols. My SIG SAUER .40 S&W police trade-in barrel was surprisingly intact even with the high number of rounds that have been through it. 

Lastly, I looked at an AR upper, adjusting the depth stop so the camera would line up with the rear of the gas block. This allowed me to quickly and easily locate it.

I took a picture to confirm, but I noted no burring 


Using a borecam allows you to gain important information about your barrel and its condition that you otherwise have no way to know or measure. The wireless unit was especially easy to manipulate while the camera functionality on the handle allowed you to keep your place while recording. 

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Lyman Borecam 2.0: Wireless Bore Camera

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