The BANISH 30 is perhaps our favorite and most versatile suppressor here at Ultimate Reloader. I’ve been eager to try what Silencer Central claims is their best of the BANISH line — the BANISH 30-GOLD


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About the BANISH 30-GOLD

We’ve already tested a majority of the BANISH Suppressor lineup including the BANISH 22, BANISH 223, BANISH 30, BANISH 46 and BANISH Backcountry.

The BANISH 30-GOLD is different— it’s not just a suppressor— it’s a package. 

From Silencer Central

The BANISH 30-GOLD brings a user-serviceable, quick-detach suppressor design that is lighter weight, shorter, and quieter than anything we have ever tested. You won’t find a lighter and quieter can anywhere!

An exceptionally versatile suppressor, the BANISH 30-GOLD is rated for calibers from rimfire up to 300 RUM. All BANISH suppressors have been designed for unmatched sound suppression, and testing shows that the BANISH 30-GOLD reduces the report by 36 decibels. The average sound level heard by shooters from the BANISH 30-GOLD is 132.9 decibels!

Like all BANISH suppressors, the BANISH 30-GOLD is made from a strong titanium alloy that results in unmatched durability at an extremely lightweight of just 13 ounces.

The BANISH 30-GOLD is an 8.2-inch quick detach suppressor holding 11 baffles, and comes with two 100% titanium muzzle brakes (1/2×28 and 5/8×24). Completely user-serviceable, you can disassemble the suppressor for cleaning in a tumbler, ultrasonic cleaner, or by hand. When you’re ready to put it back together, the baffles are keyed and indexed for a hassle-free reassembly.

Perfect for everything from a fun time at the range to big game hunting, the BANISH 30-GOLD will significantly reduce the report and recoil of large-caliber rifles (up to 45% in testing), while still being effective on rifles down to rimfire calibers.

Accessories are available for all of the BANISH suppressors as separate purchases, but only the BANISH 30-GOLD comes with a premium package. Valued at more than $500, it includes:

    • 2x muzzle brakes – 1/2×28 and 5/8×24
    • Black Devour Suppressor Cover
    • BANISH suppressor pouch in black
    • BANISH baffle removal tool

Simply put, if you want the absolute best suppressor in the BANISH product line, this is it!

All silencers require the purchase of a $200 Federal Tax Stamp.

LENGTH: 8.2″

DIAMETER: 1.593″




THREAD PITCH: 1/2X28 OR 5/8X24



CALIBER: .308/7.62








What’s in the Box?

While you can buy accessories for any BANISH suppressor, the BANISH 30-GOLD is the only all-in-one package. It comes with two muzzle brakes (1/2×28 and 5/8×24), a black devour suppressor cover, BANISH suppressor pouch, and baffle removal tool. The brakes run internally as part of the suppressor’s quick-detach system. The suppressor cover serves to mitigate mirage and reduce sound level. (We don’t currently have a method of testing sound level, but we are working on it.)


So what is the difference between the BANISH 30 and BANISH 30-GOLD? The 30-GOLD measures 8.2” while the BANISH 30 has two configurations: 7” and 9”. The 30-GOLD has a 1.593” diameter with 11 baffles while the 1.5” diameter BANISH 30 has eight baffles.

Both are self-serviceable .308/7.62 titanium suppressors, but the BANISH 30-GOLD accommodates calibers from rimfire to .300RUM while the BANISH 30 works with .17 to .300 WBY. The largest difference is that the BANISH 30 is a direct thread with a ⅝ x 24 thread pitch while the BANISH 30-GOLD is a quick detach with ½ x 28 or  ⅝ x 24 threading. The BANISH 30-GOLD has two more dB of sound reduction (36 dB) than the BANISH 30 (34 dB) and is full-auto rated. 


Each brake comes with a packet of different shims varying in thickness.

Experiment to find the combination that allows for proper timing of the brake (which is also the mount), and tighten it on.

The suppressor screws directly onto the brake. Super simple! 

Recoil Analysis

Our recoil rig is based on a design published by Cal Zant from the Precision Rifle Blog and measures forces at the buttstock at a rate of 20,000 samples/second. This provides a true representation of recoil (rearward forces) that no other channel does! 

To recap, here are some of our initial results with our BANISH 30 suppressor with the bare muzzle and 7” and 9” configuration. 

To provide an accurate comparison, we used our custom 300 PRC, the same rifle we used in our BANISH 30 test, for the BANISH 30-GOLD test. We also used the same ammunition: Hornady Precision Hunter 300 PRC 212 grain ELD-X ammunition.

We started with the bare muzzle, plotting force (lbs.) over time, then moved to the BANISH 30 9” configuration.

BANISH 30 on 300 PRC

Next came the BANISH 30-GOLD with the brake. There was some time shift between the BANISH 30 and BANISH 30-GOLD, but the recoil signatures were largely the same.


We also decided to test the brake from the BANISH 30-GOLD package on its own (little brake) and an EC tuner brake for comparison.

The little brake mirrored the other BANISH configurations while the EC tuner brake, as expected, was the most effective at raw recoil reduction. Both suppressors and both brakes significantly reduced recoil from the bare muzzle. 


For some actual shooting, I paired the BANISH 30-GOLD with my .22 ARC build featuring a BAT TR action and Ballistic Advantage barrel in an Ultradyne UD5 chassis. I also added an Element Optics Theos scope

Though designed for the AR platform, the .22 ARC has stellar long range performance in a bolt gun. I’ve been extremely impressed with this cartridge and am eager to take this gun coyote hunting.

I started out by zeroing the gun with Hornady .22 ARC 88 grain ELD-M ammunition at 100 yards. With the BANISH 30-GOLD, I observed approximately one-third MOA. 

Moving to D-M Targets steel rock chucks at 336 yards, I made consistent, satisfying hits. Next came a first round impact at 660 yards. I missed the first 706-yard shot, reducing magnification on the Theos to increase my field of view.

Holding the left edge of the target, I returned to consistent hits. The slight mirage I noticed coming off the suppressor at 706 yards continued at 1,390 yards. I worked through it and managed three hits on Harold, aiming at his feet. 

Though not planned, I also had an opportunity to shoot a live rock chuck with Hornady’s 22 ARC 62 grain ELD-VT V-Match Ammunition, a single lethal shot proving this package’s ability for hunting.


The BANISH 30-GOLD was very effective at recoil reduction and reducing sound, though we don’t have a concrete way to measure the latter…yet. This package comes with everything you need to get started with a suppressor and features an incredibly convenient quick-detach mount. It also didn’t hurt our precision, but potentially helped it! 

Get the Gear

Silencer Central has pioneered the Silence Made Simple program. Once you pick out a silencer from Silencer Central, they handle the paperwork, set up a trust, and send the suppressor to your door at no extra cost. The BANISH 30-GOLD has an MSRP of $1699

Hornady 22 ARC 62 grain ELD-VT V-Match Ammunition

Hornady 22 ARC 75 grain ELD-M Ammunition 

Hornady 22 ARC 88 grain ELD-M Ammunition

Hornady Precision Hunter .300 PRC 212 grain ELD-X Ammunition at Midsouth Shooters Supply

Element Optics Theos 6-36×56 FFP

Order and customize your UD Chassis from

D-M Targets (get your Rock Chuck Targets HERE)

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