300 PRC Custom Build: Optics and First Range Trip

Putting together this 300 PRC custom rifle has been a slow and meticulous process, and I’ve enjoyed each moment. There have been numerous details to work out, lots of research and time on the phone with various companies- and now it has all come together as a complete rifle. I spent the “quality time” necessary to make sure the machining and chambering of the barrel was spot-on. I carefully test fit parts and assembled them with utmost care. It’s felt really good to take my time and not rush things. It feels like OCD, and it feels like perfection. And now it’s time to take this rifle to the range for the first time!

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Now on to the “inaugural range trip”!

Optics: Delta Stryker HD 5-50x56mm

This rifle is going to be used at extreme long ranges, so I wanted to install a scope that would be up to the task. Recently, I got a hold of an amazing high-magnification scope: the Delta Stryker HD 5-50 x 56mm SFP scope. I had this scope mounted on my HOWA 1500 semi-custom rifle, but that rifle is down for a re-barrel at this time. So I removed the scope from the HOWA, and put it on the 300 PRC Full-Custom. It really looks GREAT on this rifle!

Some information about this scope, from the product page:

Delta Optical Stryker HD 5-50×56 HD SFP Details

    • Stryker HD riflescopes are the latest and most advanced riflescopes currently produced by Delta Opticts.
    • They offer an excellent light transmission rate paired with central illuminated point for quick target acquisition.
    • All Stryker HD riflescopes have high-quality ED low dispersion glass and all the lenses are fully multi-coated.
    • Strayker HD riflescopes features excellent optical performance even in low light conditions.
    • They have an exceptional price-performance ratio and very nice and elegant design

This scope has been working GREAT with this rifle. It’s very clear, has 1/20 MIL clicks, and I love the 50x magnification!

Warne Skyline Arca Rail Bipod

An Arca rail is a beautiful thing. Simple, flexible, quick to use, and snag free (unlike picatinny rail sections). I recently got a Warne Skyline bipod for my CMMG 6.5 Creedmoor Resolute- and I thought I’d give it a try with the 300 PRC Full-Custom! This bipod has some interesting features, including rapid deploy legs (0, 45, 90 angles), built-in cant adjustment, and a built-in Arca mount!- ow we’re talking! It has worked great in my testing so far.

Barrel Break-In

I’ve heard from multiple trusted sources that barrel break-in really does matter. So I take it seriously! Here’s the method I used to break in this rifle:

  • 1 shot, clean (3x)
  • 3 shots, clean (3x)
  • 5 shots, clean (3x)

The most exciting shot was the first one. What would it be like to shoot 300 PRC? Would this HEAVY rifle (24.7 lb with MDT full weight kit) have reasonable recoil? Would I be on-target with my boresight? I squeezed the trigger to find out. Success! Inches off on my boresight, very mild recoil, and no problems of any kind. Yay!

During my break-in I decided to test some of the Hornady 225 grain ELD-M Match ammo that I had on hand. Things went well, with one group coming in at just under 0.7 MOA:

Above you can see the view with ShotMarker, an e-Target system with integrated chronograph.

For a break-in group using a 30 caliber magnum I was impressed with this result!

I’m still working out some refinements to my rifle shooting equipment (support) and techniques- I believe that these heavy-recoiling magnums need some special attention in order to show the actual accuracy of the rifle and ammunition. Part of this investment will entail a more substantial bench testing facility and corresponding bench rest, bags, and more.

First Shots on Steel

Punching paper is fun and is also necessary, but things get REAL when you engage hard targets. Every single time I shoot steel, I think to myself: “Why don’t I do this more often?”. It feels so good to see the target move, and to hear the “thwack” of the steel a second or few seconds later. No feeling like it! So when I was done with the break-in for this 300 PRC rifle, I decided to take aim at the 400 yard steel targets that are shootable from my 100 yard range. I entered some data into the Shooter App, clicked “calculate”, and got my result: up 1.50 MILS. So I dialed my dope and took a shot. BOOM! Center punched the 12″x14″ steel target. So I moved over to the smaller 8″x8″ target, held center, and squeezed the trigger. BOOM! Center-punched it as well. Two shots, to perfect hits. And that was the moment I said to myself- this rifle is AWESOME. And I thought about how great it will be to shoot this rifle at 1000 yards. Soon: very soon.

What’s Next: Load Development

I’ve done a partial load work-up (in-progress) and wanted to share my initial results from an afternoon of loading and shooting. I’m using Ramshot Magnum powder, Hornady 300 PRC Brass, and Hornady 225 grain ELD-M bullets for this initial load work-up. I didn’t have load data for Ramshot Magnum, and had to develop my own using QuickLoad Software and some careful “interpolation” from existing load data. More on that in my next story covering this rifle.

Already the load I’m working on is shooting about 20% tighter compared to the factory ammunition. What’s more, the SD for velocity has decreased from about 20 fps to about 5 fps! That’s what it’s all about: tuning a load to a specific rifle. Very satisfying! I’m pretty certain I can get this Ramshot Magnum load down further using a rest and some additional load work-up (playing with bullet seating depth and other factors). I’m having a LOT of fun!

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One thought on “300 PRC Custom Build: Optics and First Range Trip”

  1. Nice work-

    I just ordered a 300 PRC Barrel from Win Tqactical throigh Mile High Shooting for my Ai AX MC. Got dies coming (Redding S-die neck sizer, Rewdding Body die and they dont make a competetition seater yet so I went with the RCBC Competettion seater). Ordfered 100 PCs. Hornady of course (come on Lapua) and will be starting development this Saturdya if all goes well. Bye bye belted magnuns – hellow 300 PRC.

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