IN-DEPTH: BANISH 30 Multi-Cal Suppressor from Silencer Central

Ultimate Reloader has recently partnered with Silencer Central. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the BANISH 30 suppressor in various configurations and with multiple calibers. In traditional Ultimate Reloader style, we’re also collecting and analyzing some specifications and data. 


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About the BANISH 30 

Constructed of titanium alloy with a ⅝” x 24 direct thread mount, the BANISH 30 is a great suppressor for a variety of calibers up to .30 cal magnums. 

From Silencer Central

The most versatile suppressor in the Banish line, the BANISH 30 works with all of your rifle calibers from .17 to .30 caliber magnums.

When it comes to versatility and modular capabilities, the BANISH 30 can’t be beat. Recently reviewed in a featured editorial article in the NRA’s American Rifleman magazine, it works with your rimfire and rifle calibers from .17 to .300 Weatherby and can be configured in two different lengths.

All BANISH suppressors have been designed for unmatched sound suppression. (After all, the whole point is to reduce sound!) Internal testing shows that BANISH 30 reduces the report of a .308 by a whopping 34 decibels at a minimum.

The BANISH 30 comes as a 9-inch suppressor holding eight baffles, but if you’ll be shooting suppressed in tighter, confined spaces or hunting blinds, it can easily break down and assemble into a 7-inch configuration with six baffles.

This suppressor also weighs considerably less than most suppressors of similar size. This is because the BANISH 30 – like all of the other BANISH suppressors in the lineup – is made from a strong titanium alloy for unmatched durability at an extremely light weight. In the full configuration, it weighs 13 ounces; in the short configuration, it weighs just 10 ounces. You’ll be hard pressed to even feel it on your gun!

Unlike comparable models from competitors, the BANISH 30 is completely user-serviceable from both ends. It easily comes apart for cleaning in a tumbler, ultrasonic cleaner, or manually. Reassembly is a breeze due to the baffles being keyed and indexed for exact alignment.

Perfect for target practice, competitive shooting, or in the field while big game hunting, the BANISH 30 will reduce the sound signature and mitigate some of the recoil on your rifle.

All silencers require the purchase of a $200 Federal Tax Stamp.


What’s in the Box? 

The BANISH 30 comes in a rectangular box with magnetic closure for easy storage. Inside you’ll find: 

  • Printed materials
  • Wrench
  • Suppressor 
  • Key tool (to be used in combination with the rest)
  • Spare O Ring

The BANISH 30 has both a 7” and 9” configuration. It comes in the 9” configuration (eight baffles) but is quickly and easily converted to 7” (six baffles) by removal of the extension. 


I first tested this suppressor with the 300 PRC and Hornady Precision Hunter 212 grain ELD-X ammunition at 100 yards. 

I fired a few shots without the suppressor to confirm the point of impact, then added the BANISH 30. There was an immediate reduction in recoil. My first few unsuppressed shots were off to the left, adding the suppressor moved the point of impact to the right. Compared to the bare muzzle, the POI shift from unsuppressed to suppressed at 100 yards was a 0.750” left windage shift and 0.500” elevation shift (down). After recording this information, I made some scope adjustments to correct the zero. 

Based on the design of the baffles, I expect that depending upon how the suppressor is clocked, the POI will shift in a circular pattern. With the rifle properly zeroed, I moved out to 400 yards and used Shooter app to give me revised dope. 

After having some fun with the bolt gun, I moved to my 300 blackout AR for some semi-automatic and full-auto shots. We also added another rifle platform to the mix — a Henry 30-30 X-model lever action. Previously, Guy Miner developed a subsonic load for this gun — 8 grains of Trail Boss behind a Berry’s 30-30 150 grain round shoulder bullet. 

Combined with the BANISH 30, shooting the subsonic loads was unbelievably and addictively quiet. 

Collecting Some Data

Each caliber has its own distinct sound suppressed and unsuppressed. Recoil reduction was especially apparent with the 300 PRC but the suppressor also heated up incredibly quickly. If you are shooting in a PRS or NRL Hunter match, consider a suppressor cover to combat mirage coming off the hot can. 

The 300 blackout was nimble and light – I’d recommend using the BANISH 30 in the 7” configuration on this platform. With subsonic loads, there was minimal POI shift (I didn’t make any adjustments), and the suppressor stayed cool. 

I would also run the 7” configuration the 30-30. All you hear with subsonic loads is the hammer drop and the steel hit. 

Silencer Central says the BANISH 30 is rated for limited full auto fire due to heat issues. 

It takes me less than a minute to convert this lightweight suppressor from a 7” to 9” configuration and vice versa. The included key locks into the end of the cap. Use the wrench to loosen the cap or the entire extension. When moving between, always make sure the cap is screwed back onto the end of either the extension or main body, whatever you are shooting with. 

Recoil Analysis

I’ve been wanting to compare recoil shooting suppressed vs. unsuppressed. We did something similar in a recent video comparing straight blowback and radial delayed blowback using a test fixture that measures the forces at the buttstock. 

This rig measures actual forces, not acceleration and collects 20,000 samples per second.

This recoil rig is based on a design published by Cal Zant from the Precision Rifle Blog.

And here are some specs and details for this rig:

First we shot the 300 PRC with Hornady Precision Hunter 212 grain ELD-X ammunition with the 7” and 9” configurations. 

The results were not exactly what I expected. I always thought a suppressor would widen the recoil impulse. The peak forces are reduced, but the shape of the curve has the same width as unsuppressed. The 9” brought the force down the most, but not too much more than the 7”. We haven’t yet calibrated the recoil rig to output in pounds force, so looking at percentage in recoil reduction makes sense. 

The BANISH 30 suppressor had a 22% and 18% reduction in peak force with the 9” and 7” respectively. 


Overall, I was very impressed with the BANISH 30. I always recommend a 30 caliber suppressor to anyone looking to shoot a variety of calibers or just have one suppressor. The BANISH 30 has more flexibility than any other suppressor I have with the 7” and 9” configurations and various caliber options. 

Get the Gear! 

Silencer Central has pioneered the Silence Made Simple program. Once you pick out a silencer from Silencer Central, they handle the paperwork, set up a trust, and send the suppressor to your door at no extra cost. The BANISH 30 has an MSRP of $979

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