Ultimate Dillon Toolheads: Zero Play, Free Float & More!

We’ve previously shown a number of Armanov upgrades for Dillon presses including the RL1100 quick change toolhead. This time, we’re looking at all of Armanov’s upgraded toolheads for Dillon presses and how their free floating lock rings work in tandem.


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Quick Change Toolhead

I recently published a full dedicated video on the Armanov quick change toolhead for Dillon Super 1050 and RL1100. Watch for full details! 

Zero-Play Toolheads

Armanov offers Zero-Play toolheads for the Dillon XL-650/XL-750 and the Dillon RL-550C.

These are CNC-machined from solid billet and anodized with quality fit and finish. Both have four numbered stations and small threaded holes to accommodate Armanov’s free-float lock rings. To use the free-float system, screw in your die all the way down with the lock ring attached. Next, back the die up until the hole in the lock ring indexes with the central holes in the toolhead. Secure the die with the included screw to prevent the die from rotating. 

The toolhead threads are generously sized to purposely allow some play between the die and toolhead. This allows the die to free float and self-align with the screw preventing unwanted rotation. Removing the screw allows you to very easily remove the dies as the lock ring isn’t tightened down against the shellplate.

Armanov toolheads differ from the factory Dillon toolheads in that they use screws instead of the factory pins. These screws securely hold the toolhead in place, preventing it from floating and allowing for independent die centering. Also using Zero-Play technology is the Armanov short trim die toolhead for Dillon XL-650/XL-750 and RT-1500 case trimmer. This special toolhead has only two stations but also a dedicated cutaway for trimming short cases.

About the Lock Ring

Each anodized lock ring is made of aircraft-grade high-strength aluminum with a M3 x 12 tightening bolt. It also comes with a 2mm Hex key and anti-rotation screw to connect the ring to the toolhead. This system allows the die to center itself exactly over each cartridge without rotating. Removing the anti-rotation screw from the lock ring allows the die to rotate out of the toolhead without disrupting the ring’s location, retaining its position for its next use. 

Setting up 22 ARC on the Dillon XL-750

I recently set up a Dillon XL-750 for 22 ARC bulk loading with StaBALL Match, Hornady 62 grain ELD-VT’s and Federal small rifle primers.

While this press has a number of Armanov upgrades, it didn’t have a zero-play toolhead.

I started the install by removing the powder measure safety return rod and loosening the station lock nuts.

When this was completed, I pulled the pins and removed the toolhead from the press, placing it on a Dillon stand for easy access. With the factory toolhead out of the way, I installed the Armanov zero-play toolhead, securing it with the included screws and washers that hold it up tight in the channel.

Next came setting up the dies. I started with the resizing die, removing it from the factory toolhead and replacing the Hornady lock ring with an Armanov one.

Once I set the die, I made sure the lock ring screw aligned with the appropriate toolhead hole and tightened the crossbolt to preserve the correct setting.

I followed the same sequence with the powder measure and seating die, using a dummy round to check seating depth.

Adding Armanov Free-Float Lock Ring to Powder Measure Die
Setting Up the Powder Measure on Dillon XL-750
Setting and Adjusting Shoulder Bump on the Sizing Die

Once I had the resizing die, powder measure, and seating die installed, I ran an empty case through and used a comparator to check shoulder bump.

Checking and Setting Seating Depth for Appropriate Case Overall Length

I made minute adjustments until I was satisfied, then continued with loading.


Adding the StaBALL toolhead and free-float lock rings to my Dillon XL-750 only elevated the precision ammo progressive reloading experience. The StaBALL match flowed wonderfully through the powder measure and all worked smoothly with the Armanov toolhead. 

Get the Gear

Free-Float Toolhead for Dillon XL-650/XL-750

Short Trim Die Zero-Play Toolhead for Dillon XL-650/XL-750 for RT-1500 Case Trimmer

Quick Change Toolhead Assembly for Dillon Super 1050 and Dillon RL1100

Free-Float Toolhead for Dillon RL-550C

Armanov Free-Float Die Lock Rings

Dillon XL-750 at Creedmoor Sports

Dillon Toolhead Stand for XL-650/XL-750/RL550

Hornady 22 caliber 62 grain ELD-VT Bullets 

Hornady 22 ARC Cases at Midsouth Shooters Supply

Winchester StaBALL Match Powder at Midsouth Shooters Supply

Hornady 22 ARC Full Length Die Set at Midsouth Shooters Supply

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