Berger Factory .223 Ammo Compared!

We’ve previously recreated Berger’s 77 grain OTM Tactical load and had great results with our .223 trainer. This time we decided to directly compare Berger’s two .223 factory loads: 77 grain OTM Tactical and 73 Grain BT Target.


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Friendly Competition

A few years ago when I built my .223 trainer, we had a friendly competition among the Ultimate Reloader team. The challenge was three shots at 100 yards off a bench with a bipod and rear bag—smallest group wins. Guy and I about tied. He fired a 0.179” group; mine was 0.185”. 

Since then, this rifle has become my go-to for .223 accuracy. Berger’s 77 grain OTM Tactical factory ammunition performs incredibly well in this rifle. With any of my custom builds, I try to find a very accurate factory load that the gun shoots well out of the box. I’ve since built several of these rifles (which are available for purchase). The very first three shots from one of the new rifles with this ammo measured 0.166” at 100 yards. 

.223 Trainer Berger 77 Grain OTM Factory Ammo 100 Yard Test Results

Guy recently wrote a story about Berry’s 62 grain FMJ bullets and M855 ammunition. The green-tip M855 ammunition yielded unimpressive three inch groups.

Winchester M855 Mil-Spec Factory Ammunition 100 Yard Test Results

The Berry’s handloads cut this approximately in half to a 1.5” group.

Handloaded 62 Grain Berry’s Bullets at 100 Yards

It’s important to note that both of these groups were shot with the .223 trainer that does so well with Berger ammunition. Ammunition makes a difference! 

We just got some Berger .223 73 Grain BT Target ammunition in so we decided to host another competition, this time comparing Berger’s factory .223 loads. 

About Berger .223 77 Grain OTM Tactical Ammunition

From Berger:

Our Berger .223 Remington 77 Grain OTM Tactical rifle ammunition provides a premium solution for Mil/LE applications with 1:8″ twist platforms and faster. The 77 Grain OTM Tactical projectile has a superior ballistic coefficient and performance to any comparable projectile in its weight class. Its OTM design and sleek, tangent ogive profile, provides flawless performance from magazine-feel applications in any gas-gun platform. Trusted by professionals around the globe, the .223 Remington, 77 Grain OTM Tactical delivers when lives are on the line.

About Berger .223 73 Grain BT Target Ammunition

From Berger:

The Berger .223 Remington 73 Grain Boat Tail Target rifle ammunition was designed to offer both bolt-gun and gas-gun operators a premium round that outperforms current 223 long range rounds. The 73 Grain BT Target projectile has been known in competitive shooting and Mil/LE circles as the “test-Rifle Bullet” for AR platforms. The competitive shooter’s adage has always been “If it won’t shoot a 73 Grain Berger, it likely won’t shoot. Period.” Function tested and competition proven, the Berger .223 Remington, 73 Grain BT Target is the target round to beat.


Guy and I both shot the same course of fire. We both fired two five-shot groups at 100 yards, the first group with the Berger 73 grain BT, the second with the Berger 77 grain OTM.

We used the Longshot HAWK spotting scope camera to monitor our progress and keep everyone honest. Even so, the groups were so tight it was hard to distinguish one bullet hole from another!

My two groups were perfectly centered while Guy’s 73 grain group formed more of a crescent shape.

My 73 grain group measured 0.488”; Guy’s measured 0.526”. My 77 grain group measured an exciting 0.180”!

I had shot this size group before with reloads, but not with factory ammunition. Guy’s 0.203” with the 77 grain ammo put him in second place in both categories this time around. 

We kept the ZeroTech 4.5-27×50 on the highest magnification while shooting.


While we both had much tighter results with the 77 grain OTM, the 73 grain BT Target ammo results are also quite impressive — around half MOA at 100 yards with factory ammunition. Both of Berger’s .223 offerings are quality, accurate options, especially when paired with a top notch bolt gun!

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Berger .223 77 Grain OTM Tactical Ammunition at Creedmoor Sports

Berger .223 73 Grain BT Target Ammunition at Creedmoor Sports 

Ultimate Reloader .223 Trainer Custom Rifle

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