Through the Lens: The Rock Chuck Olympics with Longshot

While the competitors got the glory, it was the behind the scenes media crew who really made the Rock Chuck Olympics. A huge part of the action was captured with Longshot LR-3 cameras and gave us a way to review shot footage to ensure accuracy! 


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Telling the Story

Hosting the Rock Chuck Olympics was one of the highlights of my year. We brought five world class shooters out to the Ultimate Reloader ranch to compete and learn from one another, using Longshot cameras to largely tell the story.

We’ve previously shown the LR-3, companion app, and multi-camera usage — but RCO pushed Longshot’s technology to its absolute limits. We had six cameras running simultaneously with a DVR for the competition camera kit. We also had dual LR-3 cameras set up in parallel, sometimes also running at the same time!

Without Longshot, we never would have been able to truly capture all of the action and every shot. 

About the LR-3

The LR-3 is the official camera system for Ultimate Reloader. We’ve used it for a number of stories and it has had a tremendous impact on our ability to efficiently and effectively test guns and ammo.

It has a two-mile range, which we haven’t even hit yet, so it leaves us plenty of room for exploration. We successfully used it out to ¾ of a mile during the Rock Chuck Olympics

From Longshot Cameras

    • Straight Shooter 2-Mile Guarantee
    • CrispEdge 2688 x 1512 HD Imagery
    • All-Axis Camera Adjustment
    • OverObstacle Design
    • Blinker Shot Locator
    • Patented “Go the Distance” Link Technology

Includes: Camera, Receiver, Hard Target Camera Case, 2 Tripods, 2 Chargers

LONGSHOT’s wireless, portable, and battery-powered target camera systems are set up adjacent to your target and 10-15 ft. back; the long-distance wireless camera can be moved within that range to adjust the field of view. Since the long-range wireless camera is positioned downrange by the target, you’ll never have to worry about fighting mirage to see your shots again. With a runtime of 9+ hours, LONGSHOT LR-3 cameras allow you to view the target remotely on your tablet or phone via an easy-to-use free Longshot App (track and number shots, save photos, review sessions, record video, and stills). No cell or WiFi service is required. You’ll have live HD video at your fingertips, making it easy to see where your shots are hitting—seeing your shot has never been easier.

This camera system allows us to take several rifles to the range and start and stop video recording from a tablet or phone. 

About the Longshot Competition Kit

Longshot’s Competition Kit made the Rock Chuck Olympics possible.

With up to six cameras recording simultaneously, it kept track of all hits and allowed us to review footage. This happened a few times, with competitors contesting their scores. Longshot provided proof without a doubt, allowing for more accurate results. 

From Longshot:

This is our competition kit, perfect for clubs and organizations. This is the same setup we use for scoring. The kit comes with your choice of four, five or six cameras. It includes the tripods, chargers, DVR and a multi-outlet for charging.

The cameras all connect to one receiver which will be connected to the DVR by an ethernet cable we provide. The DVR will record all cameras at the same time and allow playback while recording so you can review hits or misses while still keeping a record. We do not include a display but can upon request. A USB-C powered monitor works great and can be powered by a non included USB-C battery bank. The DVR does require power but a 12vdc battery bank with the correct plug works great for ranges without power. 

The system will connect to the DVR or a tablet/phone, not both at the same time. Using the DVR does not allow use of the app, only recording of a higher quality.  

*Allow 3-4 weeks for programming and setup.

RCO Challenges

A large part of what made the Rock Chuck Olympics different and special was the challenging terrain full of hills, valleys, rocks, and brush. While competitors could shoot at targets with no issues, getting the targets to their final locations and being able to film them was another story.

We did employ drones, but there were times this wasn’t feasible, particularly on the 1,280 yard Harold target with shooting taking place all day.

Our solution was to place a dedicated LR-3 in front of Harold, which took quite the hike to place. At this distance, competitors and spectators depended upon Longshot footage to verify impacts and to see what was going on.

It was a difficult shot, with hits only being made with one rifle, my 6mm ARC custom build. This was extra impressive, because at 1,280 yards, the 6mm ARC load we were using was subsonic.

Longshot’s cinematographer Matt Hail spent a number of hours with us preparing for and capturing the event, which was a splendid success. We had great people, chemistry, and camaraderie.

Also, this served as the ultimate test of the Longshot system and it passed with flying colors, impressing everyone. 

Get the Gear!

Hosting a competition? Consider the Longshot Competition Kit

Longshot also offers various LR-3 packages

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