TESTED: Longshot Hawk Spotting Scope Camera

Rather than a downrange camera system, today we’re looking at the Longshot Hawk, which attaches directly to your spotting scope.


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About the Longshot Hawk Spotting Scope Camera

We heavily used the Longshot LR-3 during the Rock Chuck Olympics and this system has revolutionized how we can tell stories and more efficiently test rifles and capture content.

Longshot LR-3 View of Harold during the Rock Chuck Olympics

The Longshot Hawk is another Longshot tool we’ve been using to do just that!

From Longshot:

    • Fits eyepiece that is between 36mm and 58mm
    • Live HD video
    • App-Based software (iOS and Android compatible)
    • Quick and easy setup
    • 12+ hour runtime
    • Lightweight, portable, and extremely compact
    • 2-year warranty
    • Drop-resistant
    • Weather-resistant
    • No cell or WiFi service required

The Hawk spotting scope camera is the next evolution of digiscoping, it turns any camera spotting scope into a smart scope in just minutes. Simply slide the hawk over the eyepiece of the spotting scope camera and open the Longshot app on a smartphone or tablet to view the video camera feed and unlock all of the app features (track and number shots, save photos, review sessions, record video and stills). Seeing your shot has never been easier. 


    • Resolution: 1920 X 1080
    • Batteries: rechargeable Lithium-Ion
    • Band: 2.4GHz
    • Weight: 1 lbs

In the Box

    • HAWK
    • Hawk Spotting Scope Charger
    • Custom soft case for easy carrying

What’s in the Box

The small profile Hawk comes in a lightweight, padded soft case with a convenient carrying handle along with a charging cord, quick start guide, and instruction manual. 


The camera module itself has a top clamp to secure it to a spotting scope as well as a familiar on/off button with battery indicator lights.

Once on and attached to the spotting scope, navigate to your WiFi on your portable device and connect to the Hawk WiFi. The password is Longshot.

Next, navigate to the Longshot app, the same one we’ve used with the LR-3, and connect to the Hawk. Here you have the shot marker and shot blinker functions as well as live view, screen capture and video recording.

Note that the addition of the Hawk may change the balance of the scope and you may have to readjust it as well as your focus.

Be sure to use a solid, quality tripod and remember that optics quality will affect Hawk video quality. 

Field Tests

Over the last few months we’ve used the Longshot Hawk in a number of stories including our 7 PRCW series, 22 ARC build, and test of Bergara’s Premier Competition in 6GT.

This camera performed exceptionally well in low light conditions as well as regular sunlight. 

Low Light Shooting
Hawk Cam aimed at 1,000 Yard Target

Currently we have three different ways of capturing target footage. Drones allow us to fly close to targets with great versatility and no mirage, but they have very poor battery life and take lots of time to fly.

The Longshot LR-3 works out to two miles and provides crystal-clear footage with extra capabilities through the Longshot app. The LR-3 is more difficult to use on inaccessible targets as it takes a long time to get to the targets and you have to travel back out to retrieve/recharge the unit.

It also doesn’t provide your trace. The Longshot Hawk doesn’t provide a close up image of the target, only what you would see through your spotting scope, but it does capture your trace and mirage.

We’ve found it to be the quickest, easiest, and most versatile way to capture our shooting action. 


The Longshot Hawk has been a great asset to us and is super simple to use without needing to head downrange. This is especially handy when shooting a far, static target you can’t easily get to.

We have a full story on the Leupold SX-4 Pro Guide HD 15-45x65mm spotting scope coming up, but we are also looking to use the Hawk with other spotting scopes, particularly those with MIL reticles for ranging targets. Having multiple Hawks on multiple spotting scopes will also allow us to be set-up on multiple targets at one time, all from the firing line! 

Get the Gear

Order the Hawk directly from Longshot!

Leupold SX-4 Pro Guide HD 15-45x65mm Straight Spotting Scope

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