Longshot LR-3 Multi-Cam Setup & Demo (Target Camera)

We previously gave an overview of the Longshot LR-3 Target System and its great time-saving features. One of the great benefits of this system is the ability to connect multiple cameras. Today, we tested it!


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About  Longshot LR-3 Target Camera

We’ve needed a reliable target camera system for some time. Longshot’s LR-3  fits the bill, allowing us to capture photography and video and saving us tons of time.

See the full overview here!


Multiple Cameras

Longshot provides a live video feed of the target, allowing for more effective range time! I can sight in multiple rifles in the time it used to take to sight in one.

Adding another LR-3 camera allows us to monitor more than one target through a single device. This would have been incredibly helpful while filming our Ultradyne C4 dual aperture sights story.

Connecting a second camera is simple. Turn on both cameras and the receiver. Connect to one of the Wi-Fi’s generated by the system.

Be sure you don’t automatically reconnect to your home Wi-Fi. (You may need to “forget” the network.) Once connected, open the Longshot app and click the “Connected” button.

This will show all cameras under “Available Cameras.” It is possible to connect up to four transmitter cameras to a single LR-3 receiver.


While testing the MDT GRND-POD, we wanted the ability to capture steel targets at two locations, both placed at two different distances (336 yards and 176 yards) and elevations. I set up one camera with my iPad while another team member set the other using an iPhone. Both camera feeds were viewable on both devices.

Feed from Longshot of 336 Yard Gong
Feed from Longshot LR-3 of 176 Yard Target

This system requires zero cell reception — ideal for isolated shooting areas and ranges. (No more trying to FaceTime targets!)

Another advantage to a camera system is the absence of mirage compared to a spotting scope. You can also see a closer view of the target at long distances than you can with most traditional optics.


Kyle Shields testing Seekins Havak HIT in 6mm Creedmoor with LR-3

The Longshot LR-3 is rated for use on targets out to two miles from the shooter. We look forward to testing its limits and will continue to capture groups and footage at 100 yards, where we do most of our testing.

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