Rock Chuck Olympics E4: Pistol Run-N-Gun

Stage two, Pistol Run N’ Gun depended largely on speed and was aimed at world champion Nils Jonasson. 


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About Stage Two

Each competitor was given 40 rounds and began with their Canik Rival S holstered. Each pistol was equipped with an Athlon Talos EDC red dot. Competitors had an array of ten targets to engage with two shots each and had twice as many rounds as they needed to do this in a very generous five minute par time. Total scores included number of impacts plus a time multiplier. 

Multiplier: ​

(# sec. remaining / 60) = # minutes remaining ​

# of minutes remaining * 0.10 = multiplier 

Multiplier * impact score = bonus​

Bonus + Impact Score = Final​


Nils Jonasson started the group off, but lost precious time at the end by neglecting to engage one target before he unloaded. He still finished in 36 seconds, but left an opening for Who-Tee-Who, who was promised Jonasson’s position on Team Canik if he beat him. 

Keeping with his Hidden Rock Chuck strategy, Erik Cortina planned to go slow and prioritize hits. He finished in 1:06 with several mag changes. 

Jim Harmer of Backfire made consistent hits but lost track of rounds fired, recovering with a quick mag change and finishing in 60 seconds. He enjoyed the fast pace of the stage compared to what he is used to.

Right on Nils’ heels in the standings, Adam Wies went into stage two with a bit of apprehension as he doesn’t often shoot pistols on camera. Slow and steady, Who-Tee-Who didn’t exactly run through the course but had a clean run until the fourth to last target. He then unloaded, forgetting the same exact target Nils did! He finished in 1:08, showing how impressive Nils 36 second finish with the same mistake really was! 

Piet Malan’s run had everyone on edge. Rather than walk through the stage, he remained stationary for most of the targets, making 17 impressive hits but forgetting what targets he already engaged. He engaged the same targets multiple times, finishing in 48 seconds, making him the second fastest competitor. 

Stage Standings

RCO Standings 

After Stage Two, Nils Jonasson retained his lead with a score of 50.34. Who-Tee-Who followed just behind at 49.11. The rest of the competitors weren’t far behind with Erik Cortina in third with 45.32, Piet Malan in fourth with 44.98 and Jim Harmer with 42.03. 

Follow the Competitors!

Erik Cortina – Cortina Precision

Nils Jonasson

Jim Harmer – Backfire

Piet Malan – Impact Shooting

Adam Wies – Who-Tee-Who

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