Hands-On: Phodera Armory Hill Country 30 Caliber Suppressor

Those looking to shoot suppressed have a number of options. Today we’re looking at the Phodera Armory Hill Country, just one of Phodera’s several offerings. 


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About the Phodera Hill Country

The Phodera Hill Country is Phodera’s 30 caliber suppressor. We’ve previously tested the Alamo, Phodera’s rimfire suppressor. 

From Phodera:



    • Sound Suppression
    • Flash Elimination
    • Recoil Reduction
    • Signature Elimination
    • Improved Accuracy
    • Higher Duty Cycle
    • Practically Maintenance free

We use proprietary materials and incorporate the Laws of Math and Physics to produce a Suppressor that will last you a lifetime. Direct-Threaded for the Purist.

Our product has been in constant production since the early 1990’s, with sales concentrated in the European markets. Our Research and Development made possible by a 5th generation Gunsmith with proven results.


Our test model is threaded ⅝” x 24 with 30 cal baffles. 

The Hill Country has a robust design and Cerakote finish, spanning 2” in diameter and 9.75” in length. This 2” diameter, designed to enhance sound suppression and reduce flash and recoil, is what sets Phodera’s products apart from others. It can handle calibers ranging from .222 to 338 Lapua, including 300 WM. It also is rated for full-auto fire with barrels less than 16” in length. It has a direct thread mount and is available in ½” x 28, ⅝” x 24 and 18mm x 1mm. Custom threading is also an option. 

Phodera claims this suppressor is essentially maintenance-free. The carbon is burned out as part of the process. Like with any suppressor, keep in mind that different calibers may cause different levels of carbon accumulation. Use the suppressor for calibers it is rated for and designed to be used with. 

Recoil Reduction 


After converting 223 to 300 blackout using the DA3000 and CP3000, we loaded some ammunition for full-auto fire through a  CMMG Banshee 8” SBR. It has been set up to run three-round bursts (Ultimate Reloader is an 07 FFL + Class 2 SOT).

Phodera Hill Country Overview – Hill Country Suppressor, CMMG Banshee, Phodera Alamo and Woodland on Bench

I especially like how this gun balances with the Hill Country installed. The Hill Country is a bit larger and longer than some other suppressors, but we found that when combined with the CMMG Banshee, it performed and balanced incredibly well. 

We also tested the Hill Country with a variety of other guns and calibers including magnum rifle and 6.5 Creedmoor-class. We added the Hill Country to our recent 308 Shorty build and placed the gun in our recoil rig.

This tool measures rearward force at 20,000 samples/second. This allows us to see and quantify how different muzzle devices, loads, and other factors affect recoil. Our recoil analysis revealed a 47% reduction in peak force with the Hill Country over the 308 Shorty with just a bare muzzle.

We fired the same Hornady 168 gr. A-Max factory ammunition for both tests. The Hill Country also lengthened the entire recoil impulse, making the recoil more like a gentle push than a quick shove. 

Flash Suppression 

Phodera touts flash suppression as an advantage to the Hill Country’s 2” diameter and 9.75” length. To test this, we took the same 308 Shorty and same factory ammunition, and documented the firing process with a EDGERTRONIC SC2+ high speed camera. This camera records 4,456 frames/second. The video of the bare muzzle revealed an intense, long flash while the flash with the Hill Country was drastically shorter.

Muzzle Flash from Bare Muzzle (left) compared to Muzzle Flash from Phodera Hill Country (right)

Also realize that we’re testing an interesting combination. The 308 Winchester is designed for use with a long barrel and we’re shooting it through a 16”. With a longer barrel, I’d expect an almost non-existent flash and flame with the Hill Country. This is beneficial for several reasons. The smaller/weaker the muzzle flash, the lower the risk of detection. This is important in a law enforcement/military scenario. Having almost no flame also prevents the temporary “blindness” you can experience with a large muzzle flash under low light in an enclosed area. 

Taking it Apart

NOTE that you do not need to take the Phodera Hill Country apart and it may VOID your warranty.

I am doing it just to show you what’s inside. I first removed the end cap with a crescent wrench, then used a dowel through the center to push out the baffles. The Hill Country has aluminum baffles near the end where the pressures are lower, then steel baffles, then the cone. All are encased in an aluminum tube. 

We took it apart and cleaned it — there was very little carbon present.

Putting it together is very simple. The cone goes in first, then the baffles in the same order they came out. I added some TW-25b  grease to the threads, and torqued the end cap back on. 


Moving forward, we plan to test how Phodera’s design affects sound suppression. This multi-caliber design is especially versatile while it’s 2” diameter and length allow for impressive flash suppression. This suppressor is military/industrial grade, but available to the public.

Get the Gear! 

(L to R): Phodera Alamo, Woodland, and High Plane

Find the Hill Country silencer directly from Phodera.

Also check out Phodera’s Alamo (6” rimfire), Woodland (7.25” centerfire), and High Plane (12.25” centerfire) suppressors. 

Hornady .308 Winchester 168 gr. A-Max Black Ammunition at Midsouth Shooters Supply 

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