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From 223 to 300BLK: Insane Dillon Conversion and Loading Setup

Previously we showed how to set up the DA3000 with the CP2000 and convert 223/5.56 brass to 300 blackout. To load the new brass, we have the Dillon RL1100 set up to load 220 grain subsonic 300 blackout ammunition and some machine guns to test it with. This is going to be FUN!  Disclaimer Ultimate […]

Dillon DA3000 Unboxing , Overview, Converting 223 to 300BLK

Today we’re unboxing the new Dillon DA 3000 Autodrive. We’ll combine it with the CP2000 case processing press and give you all the details as we prepare for bulk conversion of 223 brass to 300 blackout brass. Disclaimer Ultimate Reloader LLC / Making with Metal Disclaimer: (by reading this article and/or watching video content you […]

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