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The Ultimate 6×47 Precision Rifle Build A-Z: Woox Furiosa Ultra & BAT Hammerhead

I’ve built a lot of rifles over the years but this is one I think will make my favorite’s list: 6mm x 47 Lapua in a WOOX Furiosa Ultra chassis around  BAT Machine’s brand-new Hammerhead action!  Disclaimer Ultimate Reloader LLC / Making with Metal Disclaimer: (by reading this article and/or watching video content you accept […]

Solid Copper Mystery Solved: Should you Hunt Bear with Copper? (Guy’s Back Country Bear Hunt)

I was both surprised and pleased to get a call from Gary Cameron, owner of Cameron Outfitters. I’d hunted bear with him last year, but hadn’t gotten a shot at one. He called in late May, saying that he had an opening at his backcountry bear camp and asked if I wanted to go hunting. […]

Loading .375 CheyTac on the Forster Co-Ax XL

Reloading a massive cartridge like .375 CheyTac takes special supplies. Today I start my reloading journey for my .375 CheyTac build with the Forster Co-Ax XL! Disclaimer Ultimate Reloader LLC / Making with Metal Disclaimer: (by reading this article and/or watching video content you accept these terms). The content on this website (including videos, articles, […]

Building a 2-Mile Rifle: .375 CheyTac Build

My Incredible Hulk .50 BMG rifle set me on the ELR path. I knew right away this was only an entry point and that I’d want a more serious ELR rifle – enter .375 CheyTac. This build is designed for ELR competition, something I’m looking forward to learning under the mentorship of King of 1 […]

Compact Savage 7mm-08: Sporter Threading, Bedding, and Boyds Facelift

Want a rifle ready-to-go, but with a personal touch? Hate having to search for and mount an optic? The budget-friendly Savage AXIS XP comes with a Weaver 3-9 x 40mm scope installed. We decided to upgrade the package with Boyds Gunstocks and got to work!  Disclaimer Ultimate Reloader LLC / Making with Metal Disclaimer: (by […]

Success: Hornady 178gr ELD-X on Elk at 405 yards (30-06)

We’ve tested Hornady’s ELD-X hunting bullet in a number of different calibers and have been consistently impressed with its accuracy and performance in Clear Ballistics Gel blocks. It was time to take that bullet elk hunting!  *Note: This is a successful hunting story and video. The harvest is shown here and in the video.  Disclaimer […]

Loading 30-06 for Africa with Hornady 165gr CX Bullets

After years, actually decades, spent dreaming of Africa, I’ve finally booked a trip. Since then, I’ve been actively preparing for my South African  dream hunt for gemsbok, kudu, wildebeest, and other African antelope collectively referred to as plains game. I’ve chosen my 30-06 rifle to accompany me on this adventure.  Disclaimer Ultimate Reloader LLC / […]

Timney HOWA 1500 Trigger Upgrade: Install, TriggerScan, Shooting

I consider the trigger to be one of the most important parts of a precision rifle. For me, the dynamics of the trigger have a huge effect on how consistently I can shoot a rifle, espeically when that rifle isn’t “locked down” in a bench rest. Recently I performed a rebuild on a HOWA 1500 […]