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I love the AK platform. It’s a lot different from the precision bolt guns you typically see on the channel, but is still a source of great enjoyment. I’ll be doing a Boyds hardwood stock upgrade, just like I recently did with an AR-15. This time with the PSAK-47 from Palmetto State Armory!


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About the PSA AK-47 GF3 Polymer Classic

Keeping with my typical color preferences, I selected OD green polymer furniture.

The gun came with a gun lock, which I promptly discarded favoring my safe, a sticker, and instruction manual. If you aren’t in a draconian state like I am, this gun also comes with a steel 30-round mag. I’m using some 20-round P-mags I had prior to Washington’s magazine ban. My particular unit was especially affordable as it was a “blem,” though I can’t find the blemish. 

From Palmetto State Armory

The PSAK-47 GF3 was designed from the ground up to be a new standard in AK-47 rifles, utilizing all new precision manufactured parts. Thoroughly tested in development, we tortured tested to 10,000 rounds to ensure a quality product. Not to be satisfied with just a good AK-47, we kept improving and now are proud to announce our PSAK-47 Gen3 Hammer Forged (GF3) rifle with a hammer forged bolt, carrier, and front trunnion.

The 4150 barrel is nitride treated for accuracy and durability and is pressed into a new hammer forged front trunnion to ensure the longevity AK-47s are known for. The hardened steel 1mm receiver features a mil-spec style single hook trigger, and side rail mount. The front trunnion and bolt carrier are engraved with GF3 to designate the GF3 hammer forged model. The rifle is finished with a classic polymer handguard, stock, and grip; Rifle ships with 30 round magazine (where allowed by law).

    • Gas Nitride 4150 steel treated barrel
    • Stamped steel receiver
    • Hammer Forged Front Trunnion
    • Hammer Forged Bolt
    • Hammer Forged Carrier
    • Side Scope Mount
    • 7.62×39 Caliber
    • 1 in 9.5″ Twist
    • Std. 800-yard rear sight leaf
    • Classic Polymer Furniture, FDE
    • 30 round magazine (1)

Rifles must be shipped to a valid, current Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). Please have the shipping address of your preferred FFL before placing your order. You will need the FFL information to complete the order. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to be aware of the laws in their state regarding high capacity sporting rifles.

As we are transitioning to Soviet Arms, your receivers may be stamped with our new AK Soviet Arms logo on firearms manufactured after 3/8/2023. This will not affect the quality or function of the firearm as they are the same AK receivers used for our AK’s. This will only be a minor cosmetic change moving towards our Soviet Arms AK’s.


I did some shooting with 122 grain FMJ steel case TulAmmo and 124 grain Federal American Eagle. The trigger is a lot lighter than I am used to on an AK, so it took me off guard.

Ultimately, this is a good thing. It came sighted in for approximately 50 yards with a classic M14 x 1 left-hand-threaded slanted compensator.

I used a KNS Precision AK muzzle thread adapter to attach a BANISH Backcountry suppressor. For this combination, I used our subsonic 220 grain Berry’s plated bullets load.


I was particularly happy with the PSA AK-47 trigger and its handling. We had a little trouble with the Berry’s subsonic ammo, but this isn’t uncommon. I just need to tune the load or the gun. Also stay tuned for the full Boyds stock upgrade. 

Get the Gear

Palmetto State Armory AK-47 GF3 Polymer Classic

Boyds Gunstocks

KNS Precision AK Thread Adapter

Purchase the BANISH Backcountry directly from Silencer Central.

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