Use Standard Muzzle Accessories on your AK

Owning AR-15s and AK-47s can be a bit like owning a Ford and a Toyota. If you want to fix and accessorize both vehicles, you’ll need to think in both Metric and SAE. It’s a bit of a pain to haul around multiple tool sets, but it’s something you need to do when owning both domestic and import cars and trucks. Recently, I had just such a dilemma: I wanted to use my 5/8 x 24 muzzle brake on my N-PAP AK variant, but the threading on the N-PAP’s muzzle is 14mm x 1mm LH rather than 5/8″ x 24 TPI RH threading which most of my muzzle accessories employ. Enter the KNS Precision muzzle thread adapter!

As you saw in the video, this muzzle thread adapter goes on very quickly, and is a great way to expand the versatility of your muzzle accessories. Note: After an inspection of the muzzle brake used in this video, I determined that it was clocked 180 degrees off from the proper angle (vertical gas ports should be pointing up for proper muzzle compensator action). However, I did not experience excessive muzzle rise in my testing.

The adapter itself is all you need to convert your AK variant to a 5/8″ x 24 TPI muzzle threading. With a 17mm open end wrench on hand, you can install and remove this adapter very quickly. As with any barrel threading arrangement, it’s a good idea to check for interference so that you avoid things like baffle strikes in a suppressor. This adapter is precision machined, but that doesn’t mean the muzzle threading on your rifle’s barrel is concentric or collinear with the bore axis. You can perform this kind of test by looking down the bore of your rifle with the adapter and muzzle accessory installed. If you see any interference, stop and remove the muzzle accessory- investigate further before shooting your rifle.

I love the fact that my N-PAP came with a threaded muzzle, and with the KNS Precision muzzle adapter, I like it even more! No gunsmithing required, just a quick install with basic tools. That’s a good deal! Now I can look forward to shooting this AK suppressed- as soon as I get my cans- but that’s another story.

Anyone else out there using this adapter? I’d be curious to hear about your setups and experiences!


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