NEW APW Carbon X Stock Hands-On!

Today we’re getting hands-on with the all-new Carbon X stock from Axis Precision Worx


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About the APW Carbon X Stock

Schalk Jacobs and my friend Pieter Malan started APW to provide high-quality gear to the precision rifle and hunting community. They offer brakes, silencers, reloading equipment and more. The Carbon X stock is their newest offering.

From Axis Precision Worx:

The Carbon X is a carbon fiber stock 100% designed and made in South Africa. Like any of our projects, APW products and equipment are based on the needs of shooters like you.

Why the X you ask? The Carbon X was designed from the ground up to be a hybrid system that can flourish in multiple disciplines. Whether you are taking your 6.5PRC hunting or attending a competition, the Carbon X will exceed your expectations 

First, we assess why something should be made, then we figure out how best to make it. Simple enough, right? In theory, yes, but in application, it takes a mastery in a host of critical disciplines: design & engineering, material selection, the fabrication process, and testing. We’d say that the results are worth it, and if you’ve ever used any of our products, you probably agree.

The Carbon X will be available at launch for:

    • Rem700 Short Action
    • Rem700 Long Action
    • Howa Short Action
    • Howa Long Action
    • Tikka T3 Short Action

Before manufacturing begins, we select the specific fibers, resins, and weaves for each stock. Just as important as the carbon we select is the fiber orientation, or “layup schedule development,” which is how the carbon is wrapped or placed on the stock. A good example of this is that some areas of the Carbon X utilise a higher mixture of high modulus carbon fiber, which is stiffer, in order to prevent bending, flex for better follow through on your shots. The most advanced materials in the world are nothing without the proper construction and execution.Weight including mini chassis – 1.238kgs

This stock is intended for both matches and hunting. It has an included ARCA/Picatinny rail and is constructed of carbon fiber with an aluminum mini-chassis. Two colors of unique textured camouflage are available in five  inlets, all with a base weight of 2.72 lbs. 

What’s in the Box

The Carbon X stock features an adjustable cheekpiece with spacers to adjust length of pull. It has an aluminum internal mini-chassis and carbon fiber exterior with smooth surface finish. 

Included are provisions for a swivel stud, action screws, mounting hardware and a combination ARCA/Picatinny rail. One interesting thing to note is that the two action screws are the same length. Typically the rear action screw is shorter. 

There are a number of additional accessories you can order.

Internal Weights

I have internal weights in my stock, but these are not included when you buy a Carbon X — they are an add-on. I also have half weights, external weights, and steel spacers.

External Weights
Steel Spacers

The bottom metal has an open slot in the trigger guard for easy access to the trigger adjustment screw.

This is a nice touch I usually have to add myself. 


I installed an Ultimate Reloader 6.5 Creedmoor barreled action featuring a BAT TR and 1:8” Bartlein Barrel with a Leupold Mark 5HD scope. This rifle is also equipped with Area 419’s Hellfire brake and MDT’s Double-Pull bipod.

We started shooting at 100 yards, using the Longshot LR-3 to watch impacts with Berger 140 grain hybrid target factory ammunition. I then progressed to shooting steel off a tank trap. The stock balanced very well as long as I could keep my GameChanger bag in place. I engaged the targets from three different positions on the tank trap before moving to a tree limb. 


This stock is especially well-balanced with options for weights. I really like the ergonomics, including the vertical grip.

APW really thought about accessories with this stock, including M-LOK on the forend and including an ARCA/Picatinny rail. As a completely South African company, it’s easier for consumers to get this stock in South Africa, but let me know what you think  and if you’d be interested in Ultimate Reloader rifles built on this stock! 

Get the Gear

Choose your color and configuration at! You can also email for order inquiries.

Find Berger 6.5 Creedmoor 140 grain hybrid target ammunition at Creedmoor Sports and Midsouth Shooters Supply.

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