RCBS Ammomaster 50 BMG Pack (Unboxing and Quick Demo)

With my 50 BMG “Incredible Hulk” build complete, it’s time to get ready load ammunition! This time, we’re getting ready to use the RCBS Ammomaster 50 BMG Pack


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About the RCBS Ammomaster 50 BMG Pack

For full details of our “Incredible Hulk” build featuring a BAT EX action, International Barrels barrel blank and Accurate Rifle Systems Chassis, watch the build video! 


The AmmoMaster .50 BMG Pack makes reloading for the .50 Browning Machine Gun cartridge a simple task. Manufactured to accept RCBS® 1 1/2-inch .50 BMG dies, along with the massive 1 1/2-inch solid steel ram, it provides more than enough strength to handle the .50 and will provide a lifetime of service. This kit includes the press, Full-Length Sizer, Seater Die, Shell Holder, Ram Priming Unit and Trim Die in one convenient box. The only extras required are cartridge components and the rifle to fire them.

    • Accepts RCBS 1 and a half inch 50 BMG dies
    • Massive 1 and a half inch solid steel ram
    • Includes the press, Full-Length Sizer, Seater Die, Shell Holder, Ram Priming Unit and Trim Die

What’s in the Box? 

This kit starts with the Ammomaster 50 BMG press with a ⅞” bushing and a ram priming unit. The lever arm comes separately in the same package. Also included are three 1 ½” dies—a sizer/deprimer, bullet seater and case trim die. Two Allen keys, a shellholder, case lube and written instructions round out the package. 

Press Setup

The Ammomaster press setup was easy and straightforward, but where to put the press required some thought. I had a quick change plate handy (doubled up ¾” laminated plywood) with two RCBS universal mounting plates.

This is all part of the Ultimate Reloader bench system. Fortunately, this press worked with one of the plates, so I slid the bolts in and secured it. Handle installation is the same as other RCBS press handles – remove the nut, slide the handle through the hole and tighten the nut down again. The shellholder comes next. It has ⅞” -14 threading and a regular die lock ring to secure it. Swing the primer catcher into place, and you’re done! 

Resizing and Trimming 

I first needed to remove the bushing inside the press to make room for the 1 ¼” dies. This bushing is included so the user can run regular ⅞” x 14 dies as well. Setup is just like regular resizing dies. Run the ram up and screw the die down until it touches the top of the shellholder with some cam over. 

I then applied the included Case Lube-2 to a piece of deprimed military brass, rubbing it over the outside and using Q-Tips to reach the inside of the case neck. After resizing, I ran the brass through a 50 BMG case gauge. I didn’t need to trim my brass, but if I did need to, I would use the included trim die. This die works a little differently than other dies. Lower the trim die until it contacts the shellholder. The case will go into the die. Anything protruding outside the die can be filed off. 

Bullet Seating

Ordinarily, I’d be priming brass using the Ammomaster ram priming unit and adding powder before seating a bullet.

For this demo, I’m creating a dummy cartridge as I cannot find primers! To set the seating die, I used a complete ball ammo cartridge as a reference. I lowered the die with the ram up and the cartridge in place until I felt it hit. My final step was to screw the seater plug down until it contacted the bullet.

I used Hornady 150 grain A-Max 50 cal. Match bullets. 


Moving forward, I’ll be showcasing more 50 BMG reloading gear (once I find primers!) and including more content with the “Incredible Hulk!” 

Get the Gear

50 BMG Bullet Seating Die and FL Sizing Die

Order the RCBS AmmoMaster 50 BMG Pack directly from RCBS or from Midsouth Shooters Supply.

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