XLR Bottom Metal + Hawkins Hunter Mag (Upgrading my 22GT)

Hawkins Precision and XLR Industries have worked together on a Hunter DBM and magazine upgrade for the XLR Chassis system. Let’s get hands on with it.


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XLR DBM and Hawkins Hunter Magazine Upgrade

XLR Just announced this upgrade capability this week on Facebook! You can now run a Chassis Hunter Magazine in your XLR Chassis.

The Chassis Hunter Mag from Hawkins Precision will now be supported natively on the XLR Element 4.0 & ATOM chassis systems, and you can upgrade your current XLR chassis via this Detachable Bottom Metal from XLR.

About the XLR Detachable Bottom Metal

From the XLR Website:

The all NEW hunter DBM will be standard on Element 4.0 and ATOM chassis systems ordered after September 2022. We wanted to make sure all previous customers were taken care of also! This trigger guard assembly allows you to update your DBM system. Featuring a flush-trimmed magazine latch that prevents the latch from being accidentally engaged while in the field. Whether you have your rifle strapped to your pack or going through thick brush, those straps or branches can’t make your magazine drop out in the field. 

Even better, this system has our integrated magazine latch feature. This allows the customer to micro-adjust the magazine height, which can help tune feeding. It can also allow you to cinch that magazine up tight to the magwell or action, making it tight and less rattle noise. 

Compliment this new hunter DBM system with the all NEW Lightweight Flush Magazine only if you are in need of a short action magazine!!

About the Hawkins Precision Chassis Hunter Mag (Flush)

From the Hawkins Precision Website:

The Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine is the answer for shooters wanting to run magazines in their hunting rifles without sacrificing COAL in their rounds. These flush magazines are specifically designed to be used in our Hunter DBM and give hunters additional magazine space for longer bullets/calibers. Their flush design also will not snag on branches or brush, and make it easy to load and unload rifles quickly. Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazines are made from a single piece of billet aluminum, making them light and handy for your hunting rifle.

Upgrading my 22GT in the XLR Element 4.0 Magnesium Chassis

You’ve seen this build previously on the channel. Be sure to check out that story for a refresher on all the details!

Now I wan to take this build to next level. I am going to take this 22GT rifle and upgrade it with this new XLR Bottom Metal so I can run this Hawkins Chassis Hunter Mag (flush).

First, I removed the grip from the XLR Chassis. This was just a single screw.

Then, I removed both action screws and the barreled action.

There is one screw on the bottom, and one screw on the interior of the XLR Chassis.

Once the barreled action was removed, I removed these screws and the old bottom metal.

Now it’s time to install the new bottom metal!

When I inserted the interior screw, I did not torque all the way down to help with locating.

The locating boss here is a nice touch. I inserted the bottom screw, and torqued it down, then finished torqueing the interior screw. I then inserted the mag as a test fit to see if the mag catch needed adjustment. It did not! It was ready to go. A quick note, the adjustable mag catch on this bottom metal is easy to work with. A quick loosening of the main screw will allow the adjustable allen screw to slide the latch up or down to suit.

This completes the XLR Bottom Metal upgrade. Now it’s time to install an optic, and put the new magazine from Hawkins to use.

Testing the Feed

I took this sweet setup to the industrial yard, and completed a quick sight in. 

I loaded up 4 rounds of 22GT. As I took my shots, every ring of the steel was followed by a nicely fed round back into the chamber. I was reminded how slick this bumblebee action is on this rig. The magazine inserted and ejected nicely, and the rounds fed smoothly.

I can call this upgrade a success!

Final Thoughts

So, how do I like the upgrade?

The low profile mag release on this new bottom metal gives me some added confidence; I know it will not get snagged up on branches in the brush, or caught on a sling.

The Hawkins Chassis Hunter Magazine is everything as promised. It is sleek, sitting flush to the chassis.

I wish these features were standard on all chassis systems!

This setup really got me going, and now I think I would love to run it in a magnum chambering.

The magnum mag from Hawkins Precision on a 6.5 PRC would be a killer combo!

Get the Gear

If you are looking to run a sleek, low profile mag in your XLR Chassis System, or if you want to upgrade to an XLR Chassis System, fin links to that gear below.

XLR Detachable Bottom Metal

Hawkins Precision Chassis Hunter Mag (Flush)

XLR Element 4.0 Magnesium Chassis

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The Bumblebee is available directly from Bat Machine.

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