9mm Brass is IN STOCK at Creedmoor Sports (Limited Time)

For a limited time, Creedmoor Sports has a special shipment of 9mm Parabellum brass in stock!

Rare Opportunity

You may not know about Lapua pistol brass, and that’s because the majority of this brass gets sold in Europe for both military and law enforcement agencies/entities. Creedmoor Sports had a rare opportunity to buy up a limited quantity of this rare brass, buying the entire lot. Now, they have this limited quantity for sale to the general public here in the USA, but don’t wait, once this pistol brass is gone, IT’S GONE.

Get it HERE:

This “top shelf” brass is only slightly more expensive compared to “middle-tier” brass, so I hope you can get some if you’re in the market for 9mm brass!

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