KRG Bravo Upgrades and Mystic Precision MPOD Install: HOWA 1500 6mm Creedmoor

I’m excited about this 6mm Creedmoor project because I’m trying some new things! That’s what keeps rifle shooting interesting: going in different directions, trying different cartridges, different rifles, and loading different ammunition. In case you missed it, I did a full post (which you can read here) on the HOWA 1500 Barreled Actions from Brownells. In this post, I’ll take the “Standard” KRG Bravo chassis stock, and add come cool things: an enclosed forend, a QD sling cup, and a Mystic Precision MPOD F-Class style bipod.

KRG Enclosed Forend

KRG offers an aluminum enclosed forend for their chassis systems that installs in just minutes! Here you can see the enclosed forend (upper right) next to the factory forend included with the KRG Bravo (lower left):

From the KRG Product Page:

Enclosed Forend: It is sleek and comfortable, it is multi-functional yet light weight. Our Enclosed Forend replaces the existing forend on your Whiskey-3 or X-ray chassis and provides the usefulness of a Spigot Mount, Night Vision mount, and forend.

You will enjoy multiple attachment points including standard KRG hole pattern and MLok. Since it’s best to keep your scope as close to the boreline as possible, our Enclosed Forend has an area cut out over the barrel where you couldn’t use rails anyway which allows for the scope objective to sit in a natural position.No need for ultra-high or AR-15 rings with this one. For those who are fans of AR style tube forends on bolt guns, this will provide the function and form that you prefer but in a way that is more properly set up for a bolt gun.A 1.250″ straight barrel will fit barely so we recommend a smaller contour. Generally we recommend no larger than a Remington Varmint contour for balance and usability reasons.***Remington 700 Long Action version set up for CIP length magazines (3.850″ outside length).***

Fits: Whiskey-3, X-ray, and Bravo Chassis

Available Inlets: Remington 700SA, Tikka (T3, T3x, CTR), Howa, & SOTIC

Weight: 1.1 lb

Material: 6061 and Polymer

Made by KRG

The product page doesn’t directly say it, but this enclosed forend also works with the Bravo chassis which I’m using for this rifle. Excellent! This forend gives the rifle both a new look, and a new feel. I’m hoping that it will also cut down on barrel heat mirage somewhat!

As shown in the video, you do the following to upgrade/install:

  1. Remove screws securing factory forend, lift off
  2. Attach accessories (M-LOK, etc) to the enclosed forend
  3. Slide forend over barrel and onto chassis backbone
  4. Install mounting screws (same as factory handguard)

That’s about all there is to it!

Mystic Precision MPOD

Shooters in the F-Class world like Adam MacDonald (who I collaborate with) use a different style of bipod compared to most field shooters, hunters, and PRS competitors. These F-Class bipods are typically infinitely adjustable for height, have a wider “stance” and have skis on them instead of feet. I decided I needed to try out one of these bipods, and found the Mystic Precision MPOD by Evolution Gun Works. This bipod uses a T-Slot rail for rifle attachment, and has independently adjustable legs for height. Here’s the parts that come with the kit:

It takes only a few minutes to assemble the MPOD (as shown in the video), and it can be installed or removed in just ten seconds or so thanks to the clamp lever and T-Slot rail interface. When I set the rifle down on the ground I was astonished at how stable this bipod is. WOW. It’s been awesome to shoot with (stories coming up!). I also have a story coming up that will review the Delta Stryker HD scope– this thing is amazing!

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  1. I agree that trying new things makes rifle shooting interesting. However, it is more interesting to be talking to all the girls in bikinis on the beach in Miami and the rest of southeast Florida. LMAO.
    Apparently my love of firearms takes a back seat to flesh and bones interaction. This extreme gun play is certainly limited compared to that. 😂

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