Redding T-7 Loading 44 Magnum (HD)

In this video you will see how to load 44 magnum ammunition with the Redding T-7 Turret reloading press. Specifically, you’ll see the following:
– Changing calibers from 357 Magnum to 44 Magnum (sliebar priming system, shell holder)
Use of a Hornady Lock-N-Load case-activated powder measure
Sizing/Depriming, Priming, Expanding, Powder Charging, Bullet seating/Crimping all in one operation on the press

23 thoughts on “Redding T-7 Loading 44 Magnum (HD)”

    1. Using a progressive will yield similar results, but there could be reasons why someone would want to use a turret for loading match-grade ammo, such as:
      More consistent seating depth- You can get good results with a progressive, but you can get better precision with a turret like the T7 (with turret head rear support- gives you accuracy like a single stage). On a progressive you can get pretty good “steady state” seating depth, but based on flex in the sub-plate and other factors, using a non-progressive can yeild better results.

      Use what you have! If you have a turret already, and want to use it for rifle and pistol ammo, that can be a good all-purpose solution if you’re not loading bulk quantities

      Some people don’t like progressives because of the complexity.

      Anyways, a few thoughts. Thanks for commenting.

  1. No I do not have a press yet. I have been leaning towards a turret. I really enjoy all your videos. I look forward to more. Especially liked the mounting of the powder measure on the turret. With a case activated setup. Todd

  2. Hi guys

    I am in a similar situation to Todd. No reloading gear yet, but with the assistance of your excellent vids, I am leaning towards a turret, such as the redding press, as well. I am looking forward to some more detailed videos on some of the accessory components too.


  3. I Like your vidios,keep up the good work. Can you powder thru expanding on the T7 as you can on the LNL. I have a LNL now and am thinking of getting a T7 for hunting loads (small amounts) I like not changing dies just the turret, and will have a second LNL powder measure for the T7. Please let me know what you think.

  4. Yes, you can use the PTX expander and the Hornady LNL AP powder measure on the Redding. That would save an extra ram strock and turret index operation, sounds like a good idea to me!

  5. Hello & thanks for your Vids !
    As a new reloader,they have helped me to realize the T-7 system fits both my needs and my personality ( slow and careful ) Being that way, I`d like to use Hornady Powder Cop Die OR RCBS Lock Out Die in the T-7 with or without the L-N-L Powder measure system. Is that possible ?

  6. Hi Richard,

    I use the T-7 and the Hornady L-N-L powder measure. In my opinion the Powder Cop Die or the RCBS equivalent is overkill. It is much easier to visually inspect the powder level on a turret press as compared to a progressive as well as remove the shell and weigh the powder. The L-N-L powder measure is so consistent that I’ll weigh the first few charges then maybe every 20 or so. Hope this helps!

  7. FYI

    I am using this same setup on my T7 but have the RCBS powder measure on the Hornady Case activated powder drop assy. This setup works very well. I looked all around the web looking for details about using the Hornady case activated powder drop assy. with the RCBS powder measure but could not find anyone using this. Hornady did respond saying it would work, but I had already had it all up and running. They work well with each other in case someone else wants this setup. I bought the Hornady case activated assy. separate from the powder measaure and was hoping it would work with one of the powder measures I already had. The only one that worked besides the Hornady one was the RCBS Uniflow.

    Thanks for the website…its very nice.

  8. Gavin,

    Wonderful site and videos. I have the Redding T-7 press and want to duplicate your setup in this video with the case-activated powder drop, but don’t have a Lock-N-Load Progressive Press sitting around to cannibalize. 🙂

    If I were to order the components separately to duplicate what you’ve done here, what would I need for sure? (say for .45 ACP). Look through MidwayUSA, these are all the components I’ve identified. Any more?

    – Hornady 050069 Lock-N-Load Powder Measure
    – Hornady 050073 Case Activated Powder Drop (the linkage)
    – Hornady 050074 Quick Change Powder Die
    – Hornady 290034 Quick Change Powder Die Powder Through Expander 451 Diameter (for .45 ACP)

    Did I catch it all?


    1. John- good start on the list. Turns out you get the powder die with the case activated linkage kit as seen here:

      So, your list is good, except you won’t need the “Quick Change Powder Die”.

      One note: You may want to buy the Pistol rotor and metering insert because it will measure powder more consistently for 45 ACP. (powder measure comes with rifle rotor only I believe).


      1. Thanks for the pointers.

        While not cheap, this arrangement should speed my loading significantly as I currently have to handle each case three times (after case prep) using the T-7 turret and a separate powder measure:

        a) put case in shellholder, deprime/size, prime, (shift) expand – put case in tray
        b) measure powder charge, and load each case off press
        c) put charged case in shellholder, seat bullet, (shift), crimp

        With this arrangement, once the cases are prepped, I’d only have to handle them once.

        Many thanks,


    1. No, that should work just fine… there’s nothing up top to interfere. Some times on progressive presses you’ll have interference with primer tubes and what not.

  9. I’m wanting to recreate this exact setup. Especially having the powder drop on the turret. I don’t own any of the equipment yet. Can someone help me with a parts list?

    I would be reloading these calibers:
    .9, .40, .45, .223, .243 and 300 Win Mag

  10. By any chance have you tried the Lyman #55 powder measure on the T7? It seems that it is the most beloved powder measure. Would it conflict with the primer tube on the T7.

  11. I am getting ready to buy a T7 and either RCBS uniflow or LNL powder measure. My question is, how does the case activated link work when going from a small rifle round like the 223 or .308 to something like a 30-06 or 30 winmag, and then down to a pistol load like 9mm?

    Do I have to buy different dies for the case activated link or is it a one size fits all setup?

  12. I have a t7turret with a hornady case activated rcbs uniflow rcbs powder thru expander for 45acp no problems with 231 it meters just fine

  13. i use a redding t7 with a rcbs uniflow with case activated linkege by hornady with rcbs powder thru expader i do not have any problems with this set up i did try hornady ptx expander but like the rcbs expander much better

    1. i use a redding t7 turret with case activated uniflow powder measure have no problems with charge rates i also use rcbs expander with a rcbs tube bullet feeder this press is the best. after a few powder drops it work just fine”

  14. OK I give up , how do I go two the reloading videos ?????????? I have clicked everthing on your web site and still cant . On the old web site I could ??????????????????????????????????????

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