Teslong pioneered bringing digital borescopes direct to consumers in a compact, easy-to-use and economical package. For the last five years, Teslong has been taking advances made in micro-electronics and digital photography and providing gun enthusiasts with an eye-opening peek inside the deepest, darkest regions of their firearm barrels. Borescopes used to be an expensive tool reserved only for gunsmiths or specialized enthusiasts, but now Teslong borescopes are easy to use and affordable for everyone.

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What are Teslong Borescopes good for?

Teslong borescopes are the perfect tool to help verify how well your rifle barrel has been cleaned. Carbon deposits build up as you shoot and can degrade your accuracy. Teslong borescopes help you see the deposits in the lands and grooves of the rifling and are a great aid when cleaning your barrel. These borescopes are also invaluable for inspecting the barrel of any used firearms you are considering purchasing. Wear, rust, pitting, fire-cracking, throat erosion, and other defects can easily be seen before you make a purchasing decision.

What types of guns are Teslong borescopes compatible with?

Teslong borescopes are available with three different probes for firearm inspection. You have a choice between .20 caliber rigid probes in 10-inch or 26-inch lengths or a .20 caliber flexible probe in a length of 36 inches. Teslong borescopes will fit in barrels that are .20 caliber and larger.

What computer or mobile devices are Teslong Borescopes compatible with?

Teslong makes several models of borescopes to work with different computers or mobile device options. You can purchase them as stand-alone units, as USB-connected units or as WiFi-connected units. The stand-alone models don’t need anything else to function, they work anywhere, all by themselves. The USB-models are compatible with Android, Mac OSX or PC (Windows) computers. The WiFi-models work with anything that connects over a WiFI network and are the best way to connect  with Apple iOS mobile devices. You can also buy a WiFI adapter by itself to upgrade a USB-model to connect over WiFi.

Where are Teslong borescopes made?

Teslong products, like most digital cameras, are manufactured in China, but they have a US-based headquarters in Irvine, California and if you have any questions about Teslong products you can call their customer service toll-free at 877 899-8809 between 8am and 5pm PST. All Teslong products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 18-month warranty to cover manufacturing defects. They don’t take orders over the phone, so please go to their website at Teslong.com to place an order and don’t forget your 10% discount code ULTIMATERELOADER_10OFF